Academic journal article Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature

What a Shame, Cattamarancio!

Academic journal article Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature

What a Shame, Cattamarancio!

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"The cross will come from the right forward, there's bedlam in the box, our team is on fire, Magrin is in the goal, Sabioli and Garcia Mainetti pushing each other. Careful boys, careful boys! If the ref sees you, you'll be sent to the locker rooms. This free kick represents a serious threat, Tome moves up, also Romano. And Julio Esteban Agudelo is looking for the cross. Omar Grafigna's not in the correct position. With Grafigna it's always the same! Come on, Grafigna, a little deeper! Juan Carlos Marconi's going to shoot from the right flank, River Plate's rough right forward defender is delaying the maneuver. Cabrini!"

"Almaceri ends your motor noise. Almaceri tres-cuatro-ocho, the anti-corrosive liquid friend of your car's motor. Don't forget it. Look for it in..."

"One moment, Cabrini! The center came in, a man jumped, there's a header. The sphere rebounds out of the box, Penalba rushes in, another cabezazo, Tome goes to the ground, again Penalba arrives, crosses, fights. A lion, this Penalba! Romano jumps, watch out, there he is, he's going to strike... Que Idstima, Cattamarancio!... What a shame! He got there, took aim, and fired a tremendous right-footed shot and sent the ball almost brushing one of the light towers, to be more precise, the one that backs up to Figueroa Alcorta Avenue."

"Cattamarancio lost it. He arrived perfectly to that ball, passed out by Penalba, hit it badly, and sent it to the clouds. We've said it."

"The goal was there."

"It was there."

"Well done, Penalba! Don't you think, Rodriguez Arias?"

"You said it, Ortiz Acosta. The Uruguayan is excellent, a tremendous player."

"What style, what a figure, what a way to position himself on the field! Do you know who he reminds me of, Rodriguez Arias? That extraordinary fullback for Racing and our national team... his name doesn't come to my memory in this moment... What was his name? He paired up with Alejo Marcial Benitez, 'Toad' Benitez, the same way of positioning himself, even the same hairstyle, look..."

"Are you thinking of Saul Mariatti?

"No, no, Cabrini. Who was that boy, who wore our white and blue so many times; check it out for me, Cabrini. I'll tell you something else, Del fin Adelberto Landi kept goal for the 'institution of Avellanada' at that time..."

"I'll find out for you, Ortiz Acosta."

"And put me through to Petrograd, Cabrini. In just a few minutes we'll be in contact with the Soviet city of Petrograd, there in the frigid tundra of the great socialist nation. In only a few minutes, senores. It's clouded up over the monumental stadium of the Niinez district; how ugly the day's become, shadows have fallen over River's stadium, but that doesn't keep the fans from intensely living this fiesta of sport, because soccer is the passion of Argentina's Sundays that removes us--at least for one day--from those daily problems, because now not only the man of the house delights in this spectacle but also the women and children, the entire Argentinean family enjoys this hebdomadal fiesta and because... The game's heating up, Rodriguez Arias!"

"You said it, Ortiz Acosta. River's moving on, pushed by the temperament, the strength, and the self-confidence of Sebastian Artemio Tome."

"Ignacio Surfian, the blond midfielder of the visitors, advances with the ball, crosses the midline and passes to the right forward, he's not getting there, he's not getting there, and he didn't reach it. Falduchi didn't reach that ball. He played for a while with Racing and then moved to Atlanta, if I remember correctly. The defenseman of 'the Academy' whose name I'm trying to recall, after Racing he played a while in the 'bohemian' bunch, I'm almost certain. That ball went into the stands. Check it for me, Cabrini. River is on the attack again, there goes Gimeniz, he's looking for Lopez, receives the return pass and goes in, goes in... How fiercely Bermudez came out! The 'missionary' plays very rough, one day he's going to hurt somebody. …

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