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Smart Stops on the Web

Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Smart Stops on the Web

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An Online Encyclopedia

This site is devoted to an electronic encyclopedia that details the history of the Internet from its origin as a Defense Department project in 1969 and discusses the mechanics behind the Web. Also included are many articles on Internet engineering, as well as a section linking to "requests for comments" (RFCs).

For Computer Enthusiasts

If you've ever wondered how PCs got their start, the Computer Museum site has a timeline tracing their history from 1945 to 1990. Each year's entry contains illustrated descriptions of important hardware and software innovations, as well as milestones in commercial computer applications and artificial intelligence.

Find Free Downloads Here

Absolute Freebies lives up to its name by offering free downloads of complete Windows-based software packages--not just demos or review copies, as well as screensavers and wallpaper to enliven your desktop. Another section of this site lets you order free CD-ROMs from a continuously updated list. The company requires only that users pay the shipping charges.

Abacuses, Calculators and Computers--Oh My! Park/7227

If human beings are descended from apes, then today's computers are descended from ancient abacuses and (less ancient, but nevertheless dated) calculators. This site is devoted to the history and hobby of collecting calculators. It offers some historic advertisements for abacuses and calculators, which were the computers of their time.

More Free Downloads

This site hot only links to free software programs for home, office and educational purposes, but it also has a summary of what each linked site offers and a review of the software's usefulness. It includes an archive section in case you missed something previously posted.

Still More Freebies

This site, like the two above, has links to free downloads as well as descriptions of the other sites' additional offerings. It includes the usual games and business and home-use software, but unlike the others, also provides free downloads for fonts, e-mail, catalogs, coupons and graphics for designers. …

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