Academic journal article Nursing and Health Care Perspectives

What Is an Interim Report? Why Is It Used?

Academic journal article Nursing and Health Care Perspectives

What Is an Interim Report? Why Is It Used?

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An Interim report is a request for specific information that may be recommended to NLNAC by either the Site Visit Team or the Evaluation Review Panel. If affirmed, the program is required to report to the Commission between accreditation evaluations, addressing requested topics using the current NLNAC accreditation standards and criteria.

Four guidelines are used in deciding to require an interim report:

* The topic or topics to be addressed in the report are clear and specific. Preferably, they are no more than three in number.

* Topics can be evaluated on the basis of written materials alone. They do not require an evaluation visit for verification.

* A specific date (usually two to three years) by which the report is to be filed is indicated in the recommendation.

* A presentation does not exceed 50 pages, including appendices.

Why Are Interim Reports Needed?

There may be various reasons to request an interim report. Following are some examples.

* Planning for systematic program evaluation and assessment of outcomes may be incomplete or nonexistent. Programs are required to have plans with various components, including definitions, timelines, appropriate methods and tools, expected levels of achievement or decision rules, collection and analysis of trended aggregate data, and verification that the findings are used for development, maintenance, and revision of the program. The interim report will be required to provide the complete plan and evidence of its implementation.

* The curriculum does not demonstrate that it flows progressively from the philosophy and organizing framework, or does not effectively reflect current expectations for the level of nursing education for which it was written. The program may be requested to provide assurance of curriculum integrity by a description of the program that includes the mission, philosophy, and the organizing framework for curriculum design, program objectives, progression evident in all course materials, and outcome measures.

* NCLEX pass rates are declining and/or are below the state Board of Nursing criteria for first-time test takers. The program is required to report what is being done about the problem and to share with NLNAC all reports to the state Board of Nursing. …

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