Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 1998-99(*)

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 1998-99(*)

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University of Alberta (34) (26) (15)

SARAH E. HOFFMAN, "Mathematics as Make-Believe: A Constructive Empiricist Account." Adviser: Bernard Linsky.

University of Arizona (37) (37) (16)

JOHN ARMSTRONG, "Political Justification in Plato's Laws." Adviser: Julia Annas.

MARK LEBAR, "Virtue Ethics and the Interests of Others." Adviser: Julia Annas.

STEVEN SCALET, "Justice and Responsibility." Adviser: David Schmidtz.

University of Arkansas (21) (13) (9)

Boston College (110) (83) (25)

PETER ABENGRE AYOROGO, "Openness to God: A Comparative Study of African and Western Philosophy Concerning the Problem of Evil." Advisers: Oliva Blanchette, Eileen Sweeney.

PAUL W. BRUNO, "The Concept of Genius: Its Origin and Function in Kant's Third Critique." Advisers: Jacques Taminiaux, Richard Kearney.

EDWARD M. ENGELMANN, "Mechanism, Reductionism and the Artificial in the Light of the Classical Tradition." Advisers: Oliva Blanchette, Patrick Byrne.

ALEXANDER S. FESENKO, "The Rational Origins of Modern Constitutionalism: Russian and American Constitutional Traditions Seen in the Light of Hegel and Kant." Advisers: Oliva Blanchette, Charles Baron.

ANTONIA D. GALDOS, "The Quest for Intelligibility Through Science: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Edmund Husserl." Advisers: I. Bernard Cohen, Patrick Byrne.

GREG K. LEW, "Hans-Georg Gadamer: Hermeneutics, Ontology and Praxis." Advisers: Jacques Taminiaux, Frederick Lawrence.

JOAO JOSE MIRANDA VILA CHA, "Amor Intellectualis? Leone Ebreo (Judah Abravanel) and the Intelligibility of Love." Advisers: Oliva Blanchette, Frederick Lawrence.

Boston University (82) (51) (24)

MATTHEW OSTROW, "Wittgenstein, Plato, and the Liberating Word." Adviser: Charles L. Griswold, Jr.

STEFANIE ROCKNAK, "The Construction of Relations in Hume and Quine." Adviser: Jaakko Hintikka.

Bowling Green State University (49) (25) (18)

ANDREW ACKERMAN, "Local Liberty and Respect for Individual Autonomy (A Tocquevillian Critique of Liberal Neutrality)." Adviser: James Child.

University of British Columbia (21) (20) (11)

MICHAEL NEIL FLEMING, "The Linguistic U-Turn in the Philosophy of Thought." Adviser: Catherine Talmage.

ANNE HARLAND, "Thought Experiments in Ethics: A Contexualist Approach to the Grounding Problem." Adviser: Andrew Irvine.

RICHARD JOHNS, "A Theory of Physical Probability." Adviser: Andrew Irvine.

CHRISTOPHER MACDONALD, "The Moral Significance of Social Conventions." Adviser: Peter Danielson.

DIANE ELIZABETH WHITELEY, "A Naturalistic Justification for Criminal Punishment." Adviser: Paul Russell.

KWOK WING ANTHONY YEUNG, "Kohlberg and Ethical Universalism." Adviser: Earl Winkler.

Brown University (38) (35) (12)

INSOO HYUN, "Individual Autonomy and the Authentic Self: Toward a Coherence Conception of Authenticity." Adviser: Dan Brock.

University of Calgary (28) (25) (13)

PHILLIP W. HOFFMANN, "Aspects of Independence and Determinacy in QM and Realism." Adviser: Charles B. Martin, W. David Sharp.

University of California at Berkeley (44) (40) (20)

ROBERT GORTON, "Meaning without Theory." Adviser: Hans Sluga.

JOHN HOLBO, "Externalism, Anti-Skepticism, and the Mind." Adviser: Barry Stroud.

MICHAEL IDINOPULOS, "Empiricism: Analysis and Defense." Adviser: Barry Stroud.

University of California at Davis (25) (23) (9)

RICHARD SCHUBERT, "Moral Judgements, Normative Reasons, and the Motivation of the Practically Rational." Adviser: David Copp.

University of California at Irvine (32) (32) (8)

PETER ATKINSON, "Legitimacy and the Seinsfrage." Adviser: Ermanno Bencivenga.

University of California at Los Angeles (37) (37) (12)

TALIA BETTCHER, "The Spirit and the Heap: Berkeley and Hume on the Self and Self-Consciousness. …

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