Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Exposure Drafts Outstanding

Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Exposure Drafts Outstanding

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(This list was compiled as of June 1, 2000. For exposure drafts issued after that date, consult The CPA Letter.

Note: The policy for updating the list of exposure drafts is that a document should remain on the list until a final document had been issued or the project has been dropped. However, no comments will be received after the comments deadline has expired.)

Issue                                                       Comment
Date       Title or Description                            Deadline


3/03/00    Accounting for Certain Derivative Instruments     4/2/00
           and Certain Hedging Activities (an amendment
           of FASB Statement no. 133)

2/17/00    Accounting for Obligations Associated with       5/18/00
           the Retirement of Long-Lived Assets
12/14/99   Reporting Financial Instruments and              5/31/00
           Certain Related Assets and Liabilities at
           Fair Value (preliminary views)
9/7/99     Business Combinations and Intangible Assets      12/7/99

8/11/99    Classification and Measurement of Financial      9/25/99
           Assets Securitized Using a Special-Purpose
           Entity (proposed technical bulletin)

6/28/99    Accounting for Transfers of Financial Assets     9/27/99
           (an amendment of FASB Statement no. 125)

2/23/99    Consolidated Financial Statements:               5/24/99
           Purpose and Policy

10/16/98   Rescission of FASB Statement No. 53              1/18/99

8/21/90    Distinguishing Between Liability and Equity      12/31/90
           Instruments With Characteristics of Both
           (discussion memorandum)


5/30/00    Accounting by Certain Financial Institutions     8/31/00
           and Entities That Lend to or Finance the
           Activities of Others (an amendment
           of existing AICPA audit and
           accounting guides)

4/3/00     Proposed Statement of Position: Accounting        6/5/00
           by Insurance Enterprises for Demutualizations
           and Formations of Mutual Insurance Holding
           Companies and for Certain Long-Duration
           Participating Contracts

3/22/00    Proposed Statement of Position: Accounting       6/22/00
           for and Reporting of Certain Health and
           Welfare Benefit Transactions (amendment to
           Audit and Accounting Guide, Audits of
           Employee Benefit Plans, and SOP 92-6)

12/30/98   Proposed Statement of Position: Accounting       4/29/99
           for Discounts Related to Credit Quality

10/16/98   Proposed Statement of Position: Accounting       1/18/99
           by Producers and Distributors of Films


5/1/00     Proposed Statement on Auditing Standards,        6/30/00
           Omnibus Statement on Auditing Standards--


4/14/00    Proposed Statement on Standards for              6/15/00
           Attestation Engagements: Attestation
           Standards: Revision and Recodification

11/29/99   Proposed Statement on Auditing Standards:        1/28/00
           Amendment to Statement on Auditing
           Standards No. 69, The Meaning of Present
           Fairly in Conformity With Generally Accepted
           Accounting Principles in the Independent
           Auditor5 Report

6/10/99    Proposed Statement on Auditing Standards:       11/10/99
           Auditing Financial Instruments (to supersede
           SAS no. 81, Auditing Investments)

Other (AICPA)

4/18/00    Proposed Statements on Standards for Tax         7118/00
           Services and Interpretation

4/15/00    Omnibus Proposal of Professional Ethics          6/15/00
           Division Interpretations and Rulings

12/31/99   Proposed Statement on Standards for               6/9/00
           Accounting and Review Services: Amendment
           to Statement on Standards for Accounting and
           Review Services 1, Compilation and Review of
           Financial Statements

12/31/99   Proposed Statement on Standards for               6/9/00
           Accounting and Review Services: Financial
           Statements Included in Written Business

5/17/99    Proposed Revisions to the AICPA Standards        8/10/99
           for Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews

9/22/98    Proposed Audit and Accounting Guide:            12/22/98
           Audits of Investment Companies

9/4/98     Proposed Audit and Accounting Guide:             12/4/98
           Life and Health Insurance Entities


2/18/00    SEC Concept Release: International               5/23/00
           Accounting Standards

1/21/00    Supplementary Financial Information              4/17/00
10/8/99    Audit Committee Disclosure                      11/29/99
3/19/99    Offer and Sale of Securities to Canadian         5/28/99
           Tax-Deferred Retirement Savings Accounts

3/10/99    Rulemaking for EDGAR System (Changes             4/15/99
           for EDGAR Modernization)

3/1/99     Financial Statements and Periodic Reports         5/4/99
           for Related Issuers and Guarantors


2/9/99     International Disclosure Standards               4/12/99

12/4/98    The Regulation of Securities Offerings           6/30/99
11/13/98   Cross-Border Tender Offers, Business             2/16/99
           Combinations and Rights Offerings


12/9/94    The Financial Reporting Entity: Affiliated       2/28/95


7/31/99    Agriculture                                      1/31/00


5/24/00    Financial Reporting under the Cash Basis        11/30/00
           of Accounting (ED 9, proposed statement
           of international public sector accounting)

3/00       CIS Environments (proposed international         7/31/00
           auditing practice statements)

3/00       Fraud and Error (proposed                        6/30/00
           international standard on auditing)

12/1/99    Acquisition of Information Technology            3/31/00

12/1/99    Implementation of Information Technology         3/31/00

12/1/99    Service Delivery and Support                     3/31/00


3/1/99     Assurance Engagements (proposed                  7/31/99
           international standard on auditing)

11/1/98    External Confirmations (proposed                 3/31/99
           international standard on auditing)

8/1/98     Preface to Statements of International          12/31/98
           Public Sector Accounting Standards


2/00       A Conceptual Framework for Auditor               5/31/00
           Independence (Discussion Memorandum,
           DM 00-1)

6/00       Deferral of Effective Date of ISB Standard        7/5/00
           no. … 
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