Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Golden Business Ideas

Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Golden Business Ideas

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Hiring Smart

With the employment scene so tight--especially for high-quality, experienced people--you should consider a better way to recruit employees.

Instead of seeking out new hires only when you need them, plan ahead.

Start by tracking your field's trade press, and use conventional networking with friends and colleagues to build a list of "rising stars"--people who are making a difference in that field. Then, when an occasion arises, invite one of them to do a brief freelance project.

If the candidate doesn't work out, you've lost a few dollars. But if he or she does a good job, not only do you have an excellent candidate for a future job, but that person now knows something about you and your organization. This means a shorter learning curve should you eventually hire him or her.

Making Brainstorming Succeed

Whether your company makes tires or produces television films, its most valuable resource is creative thinking. And one of the best ways to stimulate the flow of ideas is through brainstorming sessions. Unfortunately, such sessions often tend to be more stormy than brainy. That's because, in a typical brainstorming session, lots of negative psychological reactions come to the surface: competition among the participants, fear of criticism and change (even when it's apparent the old way is "broken") and an irrational need to please--or at least not criticize--the boss.

Impose these ground rules during the session to overcome, or at least minimize, the obstacles; but you've got to follow them 100%--no exceptions for anyone:

* Ignore the hierarchy. Rank doesn't count. Invite everyone involved in a project or issue--from the lowest level employee to the highest, and insist that not even the boss can veto a brainstorm idea. …

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