Academic journal article Education

A Person-Centered High School

Academic journal article Education

A Person-Centered High School

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Where the four major social problems of the world are largely spawned during the high school years, there must be a focus on prevention as highlighted in "A Nation at Risk" report of 1983. It remains one of the most careful and thorough studies of the schools in America ever made.

1. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse with compulsive behavior rampant, and general loss of "voluntary controls".

2. Single parent homes, divorce, and an absence of the extended family milieu.

3. School drop-out at high school and college levels, school tardiness, and school absences galore.

4. A doubling of our prison population in the last decade, and increasing rapidly.

Boarded Psychologist in Every High School

All of these problems are psychological in nature and yet it has been reliably estimated that fewer than maybe a dozen high schools in our nation have a "Boarded School Psychologist." Today, one would rarely think of seeing a medical specialist who is not boarded, how can our high schools be different?

1. Any student who completes 9th grade (typically 14th year of life) without knowing what three high and three low career activity interest areas are candidate for prison, because they serve as a basis for career plans - goals and personal motivation are the same psychologically. …

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