Langlois Foundation Awards

Article excerpt

The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology, a private charitable foundation established in 1997 and based in Montr[acute{e}]al, awarded nearly $1.5 million this year in international grants in order to promote contemporary artistic and scientific practices in digital technologies. The grants are to encourage and sustain interdisciplinary research in five categories: the residency and commissioning of the artworks program; the exhibition, distribution and performance program; the organizations from emerging countries (outside Western Europe and North America) program; the conservation and preservation of mediaworks program; and the research by individual artists or scientists program.

The recipients are Franklin Furnace Archive Inc. (New York) for a series of live art presentations using the Internet; Institute of International Visual Arts (London) for a series of artists' commissions for a virtual gallery called XSpace; Artec (London) for a performance, event and Web art investigation by Canadian artist Sara Diamond; Studio XX (Montr[acute{e}]al) for a series of six residencies for artists using QuickTime VR; Galerie S[acute{e}]quence (Chicoutimi, Canada) for a CD-ROM residency project featuring artist Rober Racine; Arts and Science Laboratory (Santa Fe) for the Development of Techne & Eros: Art and Science Laboratory; Presentation House Gallery (North Vancouver, Canada) for an exhibition of new work by Canadian artist David Rokeby; Electronic Music Foundation (Albany, NY) for research and dissemination of electronic instruments; WRO Foundation for Media Art (Wroclaw, Poland) for the exhibition component of the WRO Media Art Biennale; Nina Czegledy (Toronto) for a series of on-line and o n-site events that investigate the effects of technology on bio-sciences; V2 Organisation (Rotterdam) for an exhibition that will be presented during the biannual Dutch Electronic Art Festival; Creative Time Inc. (New York) for a public artwork to be developed by artists Natalie Bookchin and [(R).sup.TM]ark; Foundation for Art and Creative Technologies (Liverpool) for the 6th Mini-International Festival of Videoshorts devoted to East European artists; Arts Council of England (London) for a conference dealing with open and free source software; Thread Waxing Space (New York) for the presentation of artist Constance DeJong's latest performance work; Quartier [acute{E}]ph[acute{e}]m[grave{e}]re (Montr[acute{e}]al) for the transformation of Silo #5 in the Old Port of Montr[acute{e}}al into an interactive musical instrument; Video Pool Inc. …