Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Reviewer Index

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Reviewer Index

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Bernstein, Jeffrey         Balibar, Spinoza and Politics

Boeri, Marcelo             Hadot, The Inner Citadel: The
                            Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Burch, Robert              Critchley, Very Little ... Almost

Culver, Keith              Duff, Philosophy and the Criminal
                            Law: Principle and Critique

                           Fischer and Ravizza, Responsibility
                            and Control: A Theory of Moral

Dann, Gary                 Letson, Davidson's Theory of Truth
                           and Its Implications for Rorty's

Dewan, O. P., Lawrence     Boland, Ideas in God According to
                            Saint Thomas Aquinas: Sources and

Dooley, Mark               Jost and Hyde, Rhetoric and
                            Hermeneutics in Our Time

Edwards, Jeffrey           Schneewind, The Invention of
                            Autonomy: A History of Modern Moral

Field, Chris               Pitkin, The Attack of the Blob: Hannah
                            Arendt's Concept of the Social

Flood, Anthony             Gert, Morality: Its Nature and

Forest, Michael            Boucher, The British Idealists

Groth, Miles               Husserl, Psychological and
                            Transcendental Phenomenology and the
                            Confrontation with Heidegger

                           Polt, Heidegger: An Introduction

Gurtler, Gary              Moutsopoulos, Philosophie de la
                            culture grecque

Lewis, Bradley             Morris, An Essay on the Modern State

Luft, Eric                 Miklowitz, Metaphysics and
                            Metafictions: Hegel, Nietzsche,
                            and the End of Philosophy

Miller, Phil               Sokolowski, Introduction to

Mossoff, Adam              Barnett, The Structure of Liberty:
                            Justice and the Rule of Law

Norris, Andrew             Runciman, Pluralism and the
                            Personality of the State

Orenstein, Alex            Haack, Manifesto of a Passionate
                            Moderate: Unfashionable Essays

Paden, Roger               Cook, Morality and Cultural

Reuter, Robert             Cafferky, Evolution's Hand: Searching
                            for the Creator in Contemporary

Schellhammer, Erich        Levinas, Discovering Existence With

                           O'Donovan-Anderson, Content and
                            Comportment: On Embodiment and
                            the Epistemic Availability of the

Sklar, Lawrence            Faye, Scheffler and Urchs, Perspectives
                            on Time

Smith, Kurt                Chappell, Descartes's Meditations:
                            Critical Essays

Szubka, Tadeusz            Jackson, From Metaphysics to Ethics:
                            A Defence of Conceptual Analysis

Timmons, Mark              Cullity and Gaut, Ethics and Practical

de Warren, Nicholas        Housset, Personne et sujet selon

Wegierski, Mark            Grant, The George Grant Reader

Wheeler, Randy             Lingis, The Imperative

Worth, Sarah               Alperson, Musical Worlds: New
                            Directions in the Philosophy
                            of Music

(*) Books received are acknowledged in this section by a brief resume, report, or criticism. …

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