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A plethora of materials exist online that address many facets of leadership practice. Leadership practitioners and students stand to benefit by using the Internet as a leadership resource to extend their leadership knowledge and conveniently address their real-time learning needs. Students of leadership, particularly, can mine the wealth of material available online to supplement their course of study. The purpose of this article is to introduce leaders to a sample of the materials available on the Internet that address the multiple dimensions of leadership.

Millions of people use the Internet daily to meet their communication, entertainment, and research needs. Leadership practitioners and students stand to benefit by using the plethora of Internet resources that address many facets of leadership practice. Leaders can use this tool to extend their knowledge and address their real-time learning needs. Students of leadership can mine the wealth of online material to extend their course of study. The purpose of this article is to introduce leaders to a sample of material available on the Internet that addresses multiple dimensions of leadership.

A recent search of the Internet yielded tens of thousands of sites that contain information useful for exploring notions of leadership. Since analyzing a list of websites identified by multiple search engines is time consuming and can be frustrating, a list of leadership site addresses, including a brief description of each site, was created to simplify the search process.

This sample of websites was compiled over the Spring of 1999. Each site was chosen for the quality of information contained in the pages. Topics include defining leadership, leadership training, leadership issues and publications, and leadership research and assessment. Although the quality of site design is different among sites, all have something to offer in content. Each site is grouped under a heading that identifies the main theme of the site, although each category is not mutually exclusive. Enjoy exploring and don't forget to bookmark your favorite pages!

What is Leadership?

In practice, most people can identify effective leadership. However in concept, leadership is more difficult to describe. These websites attempt to explore the components that are attributed to effective leadership.

* http://www.ed.gov/pubs/Leadership/execsumm.html

A six page site offering a clear definition of leadership, and its role in school reform, including research information and theory on how leadership effects the learning environment.

* http://www.sedl.org/change/facilitate/leaders.html

This site is a 14-page online research paper that thoroughly discusses the role of facilitative leadership in creating change in the school setting. Subtopics include management vs. leadership, the need for leaders, creating an atmosphere for change, developing vision, training, development, assessment, and change facilitation.

* http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/leader.html

Big Dog's leadership site is an introduction to leadership guide. All materials are available for use in educational or training settings without charge as long as copyright credit is given and no profit is made from the activities. The guide contains a thorough introduction to leadership, the skills and knowledge needed to implement leadership activities, and provides a lesson plan and activities which can be used to establish a leadership training program within an organization.

* http://www.vaxxine.com/cfi/

The Christian Formation Institute examines the role of servant in Servant Leadership. The meaning of Servant Leadership is illustrated through a series of essays discussing the meaning of empowerment. Topics include empowering people for leadership, the purpose and nature of empowerment, the process of empowerment and the practice of empowerment. …


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