Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History


Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History


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University of Alabama at Birmingham: John Van Sant appointed assistant professor, and Colin Davis on leave.

University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa: Howard Jones on leave spring 2001.

Appalachian State University: Anatoly V. Isaenko and Ren Harder Horst appointed assistant professor, Karin L. Zipf visiting assistant professor; John A. Williams on leave spring 2001; and Ruth D. Currie has retired.

University of Arkansas: Vincent Cornell appointed professor and director of Middle East Studies, Beth Schweiger and Tricia Starks assistant professor; Elliot West promoted to distinguished professor, Donald Engels to professor; and Charles Robinson's rank has been changed to assistant professor.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock: Johanna Miller Lewis and James W. Miller promoted to professor; Michelle M. Fontaine on leave 200-2001; and Charles R. Bowlus has retired.

Arkansas Tech University: James L. Moses, Carey M. Roberts, and Jeffrey R. Woods appointed assistant professor; and Thomas E. DeBlack promoted to associate professor.

Auburn University: Kenneth Noe appointed Ralph B. Draughon Professor of Southern History, and James Lee McDonough has retired.

Berea College: Lori Brooks appointed assistant professor; and Cleophus Charles and D. Warren Lambert have retired.

Bluefield College: David M. Armbrister has retired.

Bowling Green University: Donald Nieman named dean of arts and sciences.

University of Delaware: Erica R. Armstrong, Barry Joyce, and Owen C. White appointed assistant professor.

University of Florida: Ronald Formisano named University Foundation Research Professor; Angel Kwolek-Folland appointed associate professor and named director of women's studies, Daryl Scott associate professor and director of African American studies, Alaejandra Bronfman, Elizabeth Dale, Jessica Harland-Jacobs, Alan Petigny assistant professors; Louise Newman and Jon Sensbach promoted to associate professor; and Geoffrey Giles, Maria Todorova, and Robert Zieger on leave.

Florida State University: Richard L. Greaves on leave fall 2000; and Darrell Levi and Ralph V. Turner have retired.

Floyd College: T. Ralph Peters promoted to professor and Laura G. Musselwhite to associate professor.

Georgia College and State University: Anne Bailey appointed editor of the Georgia Historical Quarterly and Birgit Schaebler assistant professor.

Georgia Southern University: Donald A. Rakestraw and Craig H. Roell promoted to professor, and Alan C. Downs to associate professor.

Jacksonville State University: George M. Lauderbaugh appointed assistant professor.

University of Kentucky: Karen Petrone promoted to associate professor; Lance Banning, Joanne Melish and Jeremy D. Popkin on leave 2000-2001, George Herring on leave spring 2001; and E. Randy Daniel has retired.

University of Louisville: Wayne E. Lee appointed assistant professor, Pamela M. Beattie and Edward Rademaker visiting assistant professor; Ann T. Allen on leave 2000-2001, Robert B. Kebric on leave fall 2000, and Bruce M. Tyler on leave spring 2001.

Marshall University: Montserrat M. Miller promoted to associate professor.

Maryville College: Nancy L. Locklin appointed assistant professor.

University of Mississippi: Joseph P. Ward appointed assistant professor; and Michael de L. Landon and Jackson Taylor Jr. have retired.

University of Missouri-Columbia: Steven Watts named chair; Catherine Rymph appointed assistant professor; John Wigger promoted to associate professor; John Bullion, Mary Neth, Mark Smith, and Charles Timberlake on leave 2000-2001; and Gerard Clarfield has retired.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Judith M. Bennett named Martha Nell Hardy Distinguished Professor and on leave 2000-2001; Kathryn J. Burns appointed assistant professor; Charles H. Capper and Keith Wailoo promoted to professor; John C. Chasteen, Lisa A. Lindsay, Genna Rae McNeil, John E. Semonche, and Richard J. A. Talbert on leave 2000-2001, Alison E. Isenberg and Theda Perdue on leave fall 2000, and Charles H. Capper, W. Miles Fletcher, Barbara J. Harris, Sylvia D. Hoffert, Louis A. Perez, Richard W. Pfaff, Donald J. Raleigh, Yasmin Saikia, and Sarah D. Shields on leave spring 2001.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library: Roslyn Holdzkom named head of technical services, manuscripts department.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Peter Carmichael, Kathleen Franz, and Tom Jackson appointed assistant professor; Lisa Tolbert promoted to associate professor; and David MacKenzie and Ronald Cassell have retired.

University of North Carolina at Wilmington: Lynn W. Mollenauer appointed assistant professor, Christopher E. Fonvielle Jr. visiting assistant professor, Stephen L. Levine visiting lecturer; and Andrew F. Clark promoted to professor.

Northern Kentucky University: Eric R. Jackson promoted to assistant professor, and W. Frank Steely has retired.

Rice University: Gale S. Stokes named interim dean of humanities, John H. Zammito named chair; Allison L. Sneider appointed assistant professor, Mark G. Schmeller and Steven H. Wilson visiting lecturer; David Nirenberg promoted to professor, Jane Dailey to associate professor; Jane Dailey, Thomas L. Haskell, Michael Maas, and David Nirenberg on leave 2000-2001.

University of South Alabama: Chitralekha Zutshi appointed assistant professor; Larry Holmes on leave 2000-2001; and Chen-Kuan Chuang has retired.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University: J. Brooks Flippen and Glenn P. Melancon promoted to associate professor.

Southern Methodist University: Crista DeLuzio appointed assistant professor, and Sherry L. Smith promoted to professor.

Southwest Texas State University: Joseph K. S. Yick promoted to professor.

Tarleton State University: Patricia G. Zelman promoted to professor and Richard A. Cruz to associate professor.

U.S. Naval Academy: Mary A. DeCredico named chair.

University of Tennessee: John R. Finger has retired.

University of Texas at Austin: Gunther Peck and Neil Kamil promoted to associate professor; and Hafez Farmayan and Philip White have retired.

Texas Lutheran University: Ricardo A. Herrera named chair; Angelika E. Sauer appointed assistant professor; and Richard Milk on leave 2000-2001.

Texas Tech University: Kwami Alford, Gary Edward Forsythe, William G. Gray, and Patricia M. E. Lorcin appointed assistant professor; and Otto M. Nelson and Benjamin Newcomb have retired.

Thomas More College: Bryant Card appointed professor, James E. McNutt visiting assistant professor; and Raymond G. Hebert on leave fall 2000.

Troy State University: Norma Taylor Mitchell has retired and been named emerita.

Valdosta State University: H. David Williams named chair; Barney J. Rickman promoted to professor; and Joseph A. Tomberlin has retired.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: Glenn Richard Bugh named chair; William C. Davis appointed professor and director of programs, Virginia Center for Civil War Studies, Marian Mollin appointed assistant professor; Amy Nelson promoted to associate professor; and Crandall A. Shifflett on leave spring 2001.

Washington and Lee University: Michael Burleigh named William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of History; David S. Peterson appointed assistant professor; and Lamar J. R. Cecil and H. Marshall Jarrett have retired.

Washington University in St. Louis: Linda J. Nicholson named Stiritz Professor of Women's Studies and History; Christine R. Johnson and Walt O. Schalick appointed assistant professor, Joseph Heathcott and Priscilla M. Shilaro visiting lecturer; Howard Brick promoted to professor; and Iver C. Bernstein and Timothy H. Parsons on leave 2000-2001.

West Texas A&M University: Elizabeth Morrow Clark, Byron Pearson, and Zhiguo Yang appointed assistant professor; Bruce Brasington promoted to professor, Wade Shaffer to associate professor; and Peter L. Peterson has retired.

West Virginia University: Kenneth Fones-Wolf appointed associate professor, Mathew A. Vester assistant professor, and Briane Turley research assistant professor; Mark Tauger promoted to associate professor; and W. R. McLeod has retired.

Western Carolina University: Elizabeth McRae and Richard Starnes appointed assistant professor, Melvin Charles Smith visiting assistant professor.

Western Kentucky University: Patricia H. Minter promoted to associate professor, and Richard G. Stone has retired and been named emeritus.

College of William and Mary: Ed Crapol named William E. Pullen Chair of American History, Dale Hoak named Chancellor Professor of History, Jim Whittenburg named to the Chair of Teaching Excellence, and Joan Hoff named James Pinckney Harrison Chair for 2000-2001; Paul Moyer appointed visiting assistant professor, Steven Miles visiting instructor; Carol Sheriff promoted to associate professor and named director of graduate studies, Kimberley Phillips and Leisa Meyer promoted to associate professor.

Wofford College: Anne B. Rodrick and Timothy J. Schmitz appointed assistant professor.

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