Academic journal article Nursing and Health Care Perspectives

NEWS FROM Assessment and Evaluation

Academic journal article Nursing and Health Care Perspectives

NEWS FROM Assessment and Evaluation

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New Achievement Tests

A&E is offering several new achievement tests. These tests are nationally normed, which allows faculty to compare their students' test results with others from across the country. Written by experts in the field, NLN Achievement Tests undergo extensive production and development processes to ensure accurate evaluation.

Detailed information about NLN tests is available by calling our Customer Service Center at 800/669-9656, ext. 2004, or online at Following are brief descriptions of the new achievement tests.

* BASIC NURSING CARE I (OTACH1620419) assesses a student's understanding of the fundamental aspects of nursing care. The 100-item exam identifies steps of the nursing process and includes features concerning nursing diagnosis and nursing care plans. Students are tested on concepts of health promotion and protection, physical health, professional accountability, and skills basic to general nursing practice.

* BASIC NURSING CARE I (OTACH1630429) stresses such topics as priority setting, use of judgment, and decision-making skills. The 100-item exam tests understanding in the application of the nursing process in the care of clients with physiological and special needs. It also includes a section on the principles of medication administration.

* NURSING THE CHILDBEARING FAMILY (OTACH1820019) concentrates on antepartal, partal, and postpartal care as well as the fetus and newborn. The 125 items address normal events of the childbearing experience and common health problems of mothers and infants, as well as complications that occur during pregnancy.

* NURSING CARE IN MENTAL HEALTH AND MENTAL ILLNESS (OTACH1512219) assesses a baccalaureate student's understanding of mental health concepts and care of clients with mental disorders. The 125-item exam covers theoretical frameworks of practice, behavioral adaptations, therapeutic modalities, and application of mental health and mental illness concepts. It also incorporates relevant items on nutrition and pharmacology.

* FUNDAMENTALS FOR PRACTICAL NURSING STUDENTS (OTACH1224619) assesses understanding of the core knowledge on which practical nursing is based. …

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