African Christian Council, Hamburg, Germany

Article excerpt

The African Christian Council in Hamburg has a membership of twenty-two churches. Most of these churches worship in the buildings of German congregations. The Council seeks to promote cordial relations with German churches and also to work with other Christian bodies in and outside Germany.

Aims and objectives

* To bring together all African churches in Hamburg under one umbrella;

* To discourage the splitting up of African churches in Hamburg;

* To encourage African churches worshipping in German churches to hold joint church services;

* To support German congregations that have entered into partnership with their African counterparts;

* To promote plans to bring African and German confirmation classes together to share ideas.


For the first time in the history of the African churches in Hamburg, twenty-five churches met at the Mission Academy at Hamburg University in March 1999. The meeting was organized by the Academy of Mission, the Secretary for Ecumenical Relations in Hamburg, and the Office of Pastoral Care Service to Africans in Hamburg. The main aim was to find solutions to problems facing African churches in Hamburg.

A decision was taken to invite some German pastors for further discussions. It was also agreed that some African Pentecostal ministers should meet German pastors and inform them about Pentecostalism. Further plans include the provision of theological training for African ministers. …


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