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Bibliography of Recent Works on Narrative

Academic journal article Style

Bibliography of Recent Works on Narrative

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The following list of significant titles in narrative theory is intended to cover work published during the last dozen years or so. Omissions, though inevitable, are regretted. The items below can be further divided by approach or emphasis into the following groups:

1) Structuralist and Linguistic Approaches: Bal, Bonheim, Chatman, Cohn, Coste, Dallenbach, Fleischman, Fludernik, Genette, Herman, de Jong, Margolin, Nelles, Nelson, Nunning, Riffaterre, Rimmon-Kenan, Shen, Sternberg, Toker, Wolf

2) Rhetorical, Bakhtinian, and Phenomenological Accounts: Aczel, Bauer, Boardman, Calinescu, Cave, Hale, Messent, Morson, Phelan, Ricoeur

3) New Interdisciplinary Approaches:

Artificial Intelligence: Cook, Hayles, Ryan

Possible Worlds Theory: G. Currie, Do1eze1, Ronen, Ryan

Cognitive Science: Herman, Jahn, Spolsky, Turner

Hypertext Studies: Hayles

4) Postmodern Narratology: Brooke-Rose, Fludernik, Heise, Kafalenos, McHale, Moraru, O'Neill, Richardson, Ronen, Yacobi

5) Ideological Approaches:

Feminism and Gender Theory: Barwell, Bauer, Boone, Booth, Case, Cave, Casey, Doherty, Felski, Frye, Friedman, Henke, Hirsch, Hite, Homans, Lanser, Mezei, Robinson, Singley and Sweeney, Walker, Winnett.

Gay, Lesbian and Queer Theory: Bersani, Boone, Farwell, Lanser 1995, Roof

Race and Ethnicity: Beavers, Doyle, Duncan, Gates, Jablon, Stepto, Warhol 1995

Marxism, Historical Approaches, and New Historicism: Armstrong and Tennenhouse, Bender, Casey, Chambers, Ginsburg, D. A. Miller, Quint

Postcolonial: Bhabha, Fletcher, Spurr

6) Psychological Approaches: Bronfen, Hirsch, Henke, Kahane, Kofman, Mellard, Mellard and Mortimer, Tilley, van Boheemen

7) Poststructuralist Approaches: Amman, Clayton, Cornis-Pope, M. Curnie, Fried, Gelley, Gibson, Mellard, J. H. Miller, Rabinowitz, Roof, van Boheemen, J. Williams

8) Popular Culture: Beissinger et al; Smith and Watson; Warhol 2001

9) Asian Poetics: Beissinger et al; Miner, Mori

10) Important Anthologies: Fehn et al; Grunzweig and Solbach; Herman 1999; Mihailescu and Hamarneh; Phelan 1989a, 1994

Journal special issues: Poetics Today 11.1 and 11.4 (1990); Style 22.1 (1988) and 26.3 (1992); Studies in the Literary Imagination 25.1 (1992); Narrative 9.2 (2001) forthcoming; New Literary History 32.2 (2001) forthcoming.


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