Emotional Abuse of the Child

Article excerpt

Very little has been published on the subject of emotional abuse as differentiated from physical or sexual abuse. This timely book helps clear up much of the confusion (among both professionals and the public), particularly in the area of child abuse.

Many people, having grown up in families that they believed were normal--no alcohol abuse, no overt physical or sexual abuse--are not able to understand or find help for personal problems, impaired relationships, and lack of fulfillment of goals. Now, the information in this book provides that enlightenment, and with it an opportunity to achieve relief for the anxiety and depression that result from emotional abuse.

Those who experience emotional abuse without physical abuse have difficulty recognizing that their human rights have been violated. As a result, they persist in doubting their own worth or blame themselves for the abuse they have received. In the process of clarifying the major issues involved, Dr. Renn addresses a larger question -- society's definition of abusive behavior. …


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