Academic journal article The Yale Law Journal

In Memory of Joe Goldstein

Academic journal article The Yale Law Journal

In Memory of Joe Goldstein

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Joe was true--that's the best word, or at least one of the best, to describe him. Joe used words with care, and I want to do so here. So I looked up the word "true" in my dictionary, and found Joe smiling back at me on the page. Here is what I found:

   true... Of persons: Steadfast in adherence to a commander or friend, to a
   principle or cause, to one's promises, faith, etc.; firm in allegiance;
   faithful, loyal, constant, trusty. Somewhat arch....

   In more general sense: Honest, honourable, upright, virtuous, trustworthy
   (arch.); free from deceit, sincere.... unfeigned....

   exact, accurate, precise; correct, right....

   Real, genuine....(1)

Joe was all these things; but of course a single word cannot do full justice to all that he was, and all that he means to us.

In law, the word "true" is part of a grand phrase describing the jury as "twelve good men, and true." Joe was more than "true"; he was also a "good man." He cared for his students with an intensity and a commitment that honestly put me to shame. He always had time--and a kind word--for a junior colleague. His eyes danced when he saw a child. He opened his house to us, and made us feel at home. We became family--and Joe loved family passionately. …

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