Academic journal article Africa

Horn of Africa

Academic journal article Africa

Horn of Africa

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Current Affairs

1086 Horn of Africa. in Hampton, J.
  (ed), Internally displaced people:
  a global survey, pp. 76-87 (item


1087 Markakis, J., London Sage
  Resource conflict in the Horn of
  Africa, 1998, 212 pp

Foreign Relations

1088 Lefebvre, J.A., The United
  States, Ethiopia and the 1963
  Somali-Soviet arms deal:
  containment and the balance of
  power dilemma in the Horn of
  Africa, Journal of modern African
  studies, 36, 4 1998 611-643


1089 Kassamali, N.J., When
  modernity confronts traditonal
  practices: female genital cutting in
  Northeast Africa. in Bodman, H.L.
  and Tohidi, N.E. (eds), Women in
  Muslim societies, pp. 39-61 (item

History, C20th

1090 Francioni, A., Aspetti di una
  politica Inglese per il Corno
  d'Africa, Rivista di studi politici
  internazionali, 65, 1 1998 51-88
1091 Turner, J.W., Insurgencies in
  the Horn of Africa. in Continent
  ablaze: the insurgency wars in Africa
  1960 to the present, pp. 178-202
  (item 419)


1092 Woodward, P., Democratic
  reform in Africa: the north-eastern
  region, African development
  perspectives yearbook, 5, 1996



1093 Leroux, R., Le Reveil de Djibouti
  1968-1977: simple outil de
  propaganda ou veritable reflet d'une
  societe? Paris L'Harmattan 1998,
  284 pp


1094 Chire, A.S., Djibouti:
  migration de populations et
  insertion urbaine des femmes,
  Afrique politique, 1998 121-146



1095 Gebrehiwet, T., The Camel in
  Eritrea: an all-purpose animal,
  World animal review, 91, 1998


1096 Taddia, I., The Regional
  archive at Addi Quayyeh, Eritrea,
  History in Africa, 25, 1998

Current Affairs

1097 Gafer, A., Administrative
  reform in Eritrea, Cahiers africains
  d'administration publique, 51, 1998
1098 Musa, E.A., The Role of the
  Office of the Auditor General and
  the Audit Services Corporation in
  the audit of the Eritrean public
  sector organisations and supervision
  of the private auditing profession,
  Cahiers africains d'administration
  publique, 51, 1998 1-9
1099 Tronvoll, K., The Process of
  nation-building in post-war Eritrea:
  created from below or directed from
  above? Journal of modern African
  studies, 36, 3 1998 461-482

Economic and Social History

1100 Murtaza, N., The Pillage of
  sustainability in Eritrea, 1600s-1990s:
  rural communities and the creeping
  shadows of hegemony, Westport
  Greenwood Press 1998, 203 pp

Economics - Development

1101 Sorensen, C., Using PRA with
  microenterprise in Eritrea, Small
  enterprise development, 9, 4 1998


1102 Andreoni, H., Necessity the
  mother of invention: Australian and
  Eritrean early childhood educators
  sharing skills and experiences,
  Australian journal of early childhood,
  23, 1 1998 5-9


1103 Mauri, A., The First monetary
  and banking experiences in Eritrea,
  African review of money finance and
  banking, 1/2, 1998 67-84


See also: 1094

1104 Connell, D., Strategies for
  change: women & politics in Eritrea
  and South Africa, Review of African
  political economy, 25, 76 1998

History, general

1105 Killion, T., Historical dictionary
  of Eritrea, Lanham, London
  Scarecrow Press 1998, 535 pp
1106 Taddia, I., Constructing
  colonial power and political
  collaboration in Italian Eritrea. in
  Page, M.E. and others (eds),
  Personality and political culture in
  modern Africa, pp. 23-36 (item 39)

History, early

1107 Manzo, A., Note su Alcuni siti
  archaeologici Eritrei, Rassegna di
  studi etiopici, 42, 1998 56--69
1108 Ricci, L., Iscrizioni rupestri
  dell'Eritrea - Kesad Qerni, Rassegna
  di studi etiopici, 42, 1998 71-88

History, C20th

1109 Abbay, A., Identity jilted or
  re-imagining identity? … 
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