Academic journal article Africa

Southern Africa

Academic journal article Africa

Southern Africa

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3103 Isaacson, R., South Africa,
  Swaziland and Lesotho, London
  Cadogan 1998, 576 pp


See also: 3142,

3104 Challenges facing agriculture in
  Southern Africa: a conference
  report. Inter-conference symposium
  of the International Association of
  Agricultural Economists, Badplass,
  South Africa. 10-16 August 1998,
  Food Policy, 23, 5 1998 447-449
3105 Abalu, G. Hassan, R.,
  Agricultural productivity and
  natural resource use in southern
  Africa, Food Policy, 23, 6 1998


See also: 3196, 3197

3106 Bank, A. (ed), Proceedings of the
  Khoisan Identities and Cultural
  Heritage Conference, Cape Town
  12-16 July 1997, Cape Town
  Institute for Historical Research,
  University of the Western Cape
  1998, 382 pp
3107 Dell, E., Evocations of the
  child fertility figures of the Southern
  African region, Cape Town
  Human and Roussea 1998,
  232 pp
3108 d'Engelbronner-Kolff, F.M.
  Hinz, M.O. Sindano, J.L.,
  Traditional authority and democracy
  in Southern Africa: proceedings from
  the workshop, Traditional authorities
  in the nineties -- Democratic aspects of
  traditional government in Southern
  Africa, 15-16 November 1995,
  Windhoek, Windhoek New Namibia
  Books 1998, 327 pp
3109 Dowson, T.A., Rain in
  Bushman belief, politics and
  history: the rock-art of
  rain-making in the south-eastern
  mountains, southern Africa. in
  Chippendale, C. and Tacon,
  P.S.C. (eds), The Archaeology of
  rock-art, pp. 73-89
3110 Erasmus, P.A., The Harmless
  people: from Stone-Age hunter to
  modern soldier, South African
  journal of ethnology, 20, 4 1997
3111 Jolly, P., Modelling change in
  the contact art of the south-eastern
  San, southern Africa. in
  Chippendale, C. and Tacon, P.S.C.
  (eds), The Archaeology of rock-art,
  pp. 247-267
3112 Maloka, T., Basotho and the
  experience of death, dying and
  mourning in the South African
  mine compounds, 1890-1940,
  Cahiers d'etudes africaines, 38, 149
  1998 17-40
3113 Solomon, A., Ethnography and
  method in southern African rock-art
  research, in Chippendale, C. and
  Tacon, P.S.C. (eds), The
  Archaeology of rock-art, Cambridge:
  Cambridge University Press, 1998,
  pp. 268-284


See also: 3109, 3111, 3113

3114 Gerdes, P., Women, art and
  geometry in Southern Africa, Trenton
  Africa World Press 1998, 244 pp
3115 Mangin, G., Filming emerging
  Africa: a pioneer cinematographer's
  scrapbook, Rondebosch The Author
  1998, 200 pp


3116 Smith, P. (ed), Africa
  confidential who's who of Southern
  Africa, Oxford Blackwell 1998,
  235 pp


3117 Showers, K.B., Colonial and
  post-apartheid water projects in
  Southern Africa: political agendas and
  environmental consequences, Boston
  African Studies Center, Boston
  University 1998, 76 pp

Current Affairs

3118 Moving people from conflict to
  peace in Eastern and Southern Africa:
  demobilisation and reintegrating
  ex-combatants in Angola,
  Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa
  and Zimbabwe, Harare EDICESA
  1998, 77 pp
3119 Southern Africa. in Hampton, J.
  (ed), Internally displaced people: a
  global survey, pp. 88-97 (item 156)
3120 Alao, A., Southern Africa and
  the end of apartheid: opportunities
  and challenges, in Akinrade, S. and
  Sesay, A. (eds), Africa in the
  post-Cold War international system,
  pp. 110-129 (item 474)
3121 Lodge, T., The Southern
  African post-colonial state,
  Commonwealth and comparative
  politics, 36, 1 1998 20-47
3122 Rothberg, R.I. (ed) Mills, G.
  (ed), War and peace in southern
  Africa: crime, drugs, armies and trade,
  Washington Brookings Institution
  Press 1998, 296 pp
3123 Vines, A., Small arms
  proliferation: a major challenge for
  post-apartheid South and Southern
  Africa. in Simon, D. (ed), South
  Africa in Southern Africa:
  reconfiguring the region, pp. … 
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