Arrow Educational Product's Phonics Voyage

Article excerpt

Phonics Voyage is an interactive phonics program that is a self-directed teaching tool. Students will learn basic reading skills, including phonics, and keyboard skills in a game setting. The students may move at their own pace, starting with the easier sections and moving on as each is mastered.

The prerequisite skills necessary include knowledge of the alphabet, an elementary level of phonics, and the ability to work independently on the computer. Phonics Voyage is designed for children between the ages of four and ten. The only caution I would issue is that the program seems a bit immature for children more than seven years of age. Students may use the Phonics Voyage on an individual level or in a small group.

The program uses drill and practice, enrichment, remediation, and testing throughout the educational games. The students are stimulated to interact with the software, and the program maintains their interest. They have control over the pace, the topics, and the level of difficulty. Since phonics is an integral part of elementary school learning, Phonics Voyage fits well into existing curriculum. It is pedagogically sound and the concepts are clear and entertaining.

There were no problems with the original setup and installation. The instructor, a ship's captain, is friendly, helpful and patient. Students are kept aware of the activities offered and selections are left to the students.

The ship is divided into several areas: galley, captain's cabin, crow's nest, etc. There is a shore excursion to find buried treasure. There is a deck gathering to participate in a sing-a-long (repetitive and appropriate for young children). …


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