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Thirteenth Annual Inter-American Seminar on Economics

The NBER's 13th Annual Inter-American Seminar on Economics took place in Santo Domingo, Costa Rica on November 16--17. Sebastian Edwards, NBER and University of California, Los Angeles, and James J. Heckman, NBER and University of Chicago, organized this year's program around the topic "Micro-data Research in Latin America":

James J. Heckman, and Carmen Pages, Inter-American

Development Bank, "The Cost of Job Security Regulation: Evidence from Latin American Labor Markets"

(NBER Working Paper No. 7773) Discussant: Sebastian Edwards

Jaime Saavedra and Maximo Torero, GRADE, "Labor Market Reforms and Their Impact over Formal Labor Demand and Job Market Turnover: The Case of Peru"

Discussant: Costas Meghir, University College London

Mauricio Cardenas, Fedesarrollo, and Adriana D. Kugler, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, "The Incidence of Job Security Regulations on Labor Market Flexibility and Compliance in Colombia"

Discussant: Maria Carolina Leme, IPEA, Rio de Janeiro

David H. Autor, NBER and MIT, "Outsourcing at Will: Unjust Dismissal Doctrine and the Growth of Temporary Help Employment" (NBER Working Paper No. 7557)

Discussant: Alan B. Krueger, NBER and Princeton University

Orazio P. Attanasio, NBER and University College London, and Miguel Szekely, Inter-American Development Bank, "A Dynamic Analysis of Household Decision Making in Latin America"

Discussant: Robert J. Willis, University of Michigan

Maria Carolina Leme and Ricardo Paes de Barros, IPEA, Rio de Janiero, "The Case of Brazil"

Discussant: Petra E. Todd, NBER and University of Pennsylvania (No detail was available on this presentation at the time of publication)

Jaime Saavedra and Martin Valdivia, GRADE, "Household and Individual Decisionmaking over the Life Cycle: A First Look at Evidence from Peruvian Cohorts"

Discussant: David Bravo, Universidad de Chile

Derek A. Neal, NBER and University of Wisconsin, "Life Cycle Fertility and Welfare"

Discussant: Costas Meghir Jere R. Behrman, Piyali Sengupta, and Petra E. Todd, University of Pennsylvania "Progressing through PROGRESA: An Impact Assessment of Mexico's School Subsidy Experiment"

Discussant: Maria Carolina Leme

Orazio P. Attanasio, Costas Meghir, and Ana Santiago, University College London, "Using Economics to Understand the Mexican PROGESA Program"

Discussant: Petra E. Todd (No detail was available on this or the next presentation at the time of publication)

Cristian Aedo, ILADES, "Evaluating the Chile Joven Program"

Discussant: Jeffrey A. Smith, NBER and University of Western Ontario

David Bravo, Dante Contreras, and Gustavo Crespi, Universidad de Chile, "Evaluating Training Programs for Small-Scale Entrepeneurs: A Pilot Study"

Discussant: Alan B. Krueger

David Bravo and Dante Contreras, "The Impact of Financial Incentives to Training Providers: The Case of Chile Joven"

Discussant: Jeffrey A. Smith

Heckman and Pages document the high level of job security protection in Latin American labor markets and analyze its impact on employment. They show that job security policies have a substantial impact on the level and the distribution of employment in Latin America, reducing employment and promoting inequality. The institutional organization of the labor market thus affects both employment and inequality.

Saavedra and Torero analyze the effect of several aspects of labor legislation that were modified in Peru after 1991. Through the progressive elimination of job stability regulations, the introduction of temporary contracts, and changes in the severance payment structure, firing costs diminished sharply. Simultaneously, nonwage lab or costs increased. Using data on 10 sectors observed bimonthly between 1987 and 1997 and data on establishments for 3 subperiods, the authors find that labor costs have a negative and significant effect on labor demand. …

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