Academic journal article Michigan Historical Review

The New Deal. (Bibliography)

Academic journal article Michigan Historical Review

The New Deal. (Bibliography)

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The New Deal, following the onset of the disastrous Great Depression, represented perhaps the most significant expansion of the federal government's role and responsibility in the twentieth century. It established a number of assumptions that still prevail in our nation's political life, now more than sixty-five years later. To evaluate the current state of New Deal scholarship, the Michigan Historical Review asked historians to list those books that they thought were the most significant in relating the history of that era. The following lists reflect their responses in three categories: the most important monographs, the best surveys, and those with the greatest appeal to the general public.

Among the monographs, Ellis Hawley's The New Deal and the Problem of Monopoly and Alan Brinkley's The End of Reform received the most votes. William Leuchtenburg and Robert McElvaine respectively headed the Survey and General categories.


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