Academic journal article Environmental Health Perspectives

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Academic journal article Environmental Health Perspectives

New Books

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Animal Testing in Infectiology
Axel Schmidt, Olaf F. Weber, eds.
Farmington, CT: S. Karger Publishers, Inc., 2001,
124 pp. ISBN: 3-8055-7260-3, $128.75

The Biochemistry of Cell Signalling
Ernst J. M. Helmreich
New York: Oxford University Press, 2001, 368 pp.
ISBN: 0-19-850820-4, $50

Bioengineering of the Skin: Skin Biomechanics
Peter Elsner, Enzo Berardesca, Klaus P. Wilhelm,
Howard I. Maibach
Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2001, 320 pp.
ISBN: 0-8493-7521-5, $139.95

Bridging the Gap between Environmental
Fate Laboratory and Field Dissipation Studies
in the Registration Process
Warner Phelps, Kim Winton
Washington, DC: American Chemical Society,
2002, 250 pp. ISBN: 0-8412-3726-3, $100

Chemicals in the Environment: Fate, Impacts,
and Remediation
Robert J. Lipnick, Robert P. Mason,
Margaret L. Phillips, Charles U. Pittman, eds.
Washington, DC: American Chemical Society,
2001,480 pp. ISBN: 0-8412-3776-X, $150

Cilia, Mucus, and Mucociliary Interactions
Matthias Salathe
New York: Marcel Dekker, 2001, 456 pp.
ISBN: 0-8247-0441-X, $185

East Asian Experience in Environmental
Governance: Response in a Rapidly
Developing Region
Zafar Adeel, ed.
Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 2002,
160 pp. ISBN: 92-808-1072-3, $21.95

Emerging Bacterial Pathogens
Inge Muhldorfer, Klaus P. Schafer, eds.
Farmington, CT: S. Karger Publishers, Inc., 2001,
214 pp. ISBN: 3-8055-7218-2, $195.75

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Environmental Change
John Matthews, ed.
London: Arnold Publishers, 2001, 448 pp.
ISBN: 0-340-74109-0, $185

Environmental Governance: A Report
on the Next Generation of Environmental Policy
Donald F. Kettl, ed.
Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press,
2001, 208 pp. ISBN: 0-8157-0255-8, $19.95

The Essential Guide to Environmental Chemistry
Georg Schwedt
New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2001, 252 pp.
ISBN: 0-471-89954-2, $49.50

The Ethics of Medical Research on Humans
Claire Foster
New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001,
176 pp. ISBN: 0-521-64196-9, $74.95

Food Microbiology: Fundamentals
and Frontiers, 2nd Edition
Michael P. Doyle, Larry R. Beuchat,
Thomas J. Montville, eds.
Washington, DC: ASM Press, 2001, 888 pp.
ISBN: 1-55581-208-2, $124.95

Free Radicals in Foods: Chemistry, Nutrition,
and Health
Michael J. Morello, Fereidoon Shahidi,
Chi-Tang Ho, eds.
Washington, DC: American Chemical Society,
2002, 320 pp. ISBN: 0-8412-3741-7, $125

Gene Therapy of Cancer: Translational
Approaches from Preclinical Studies to Clinical
Implementation, 2nd Edition
Edmund C. Lattime, Stanton L. Gerson, eds.
San Diego, CA: Academic Press, 2002, 640 pp.
ISBN: 0-12-437551-0, $149.95

Genomic Imprinting: Methods and Protocols
Andrew Ward, ed.
Totowa, NJ: The Humana Press, 2001, 420 pp.
ISBN: 0-89603-741-X, $99.50

Guidelines for Laboratory Design: Health
and Safety Considerations, 3rd Edition
Louis J. DiBerardinis, Janet S. Baum, Melvin W. First,
Gari T. Gatwood, Edward Groden, Anand K. Seth
New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2001, 640 pp.
ISBN: 0-471-25447-9, $145

The Health of Nations: Infectious Disease,
Environmental Change, and Their Effects
on National Security and Development
Andrew T. … 
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