Academic journal article The Mississippi Quarterly

VI. General

Academic journal article The Mississippi Quarterly

VI. General

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(804.) [GENERAL] Anon. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. and American Fiction." LCUT, 26, nos. 1, 2 (1996), 124-155.

A chapter of the exhibition catalog devoted to the papers of Knopf Books includes sections on Langston Hughes, Walter White, and Shirley Ann Grau.

(805.) --. "Book Notes." ASI, 36 (October 1996), 91-120.

In the "Literature" section, brief reviews include works that give attention to Bartram, Jefferson, Faulkner, and Goyen.

(806.) --. "Book Notes." ASI, 36 (April 1996), 73-111.

The "Literature" sesction includes short reviews of works by African-American women writers.

(807.) --. "Legacy Bookshelf." Legacy, 13, no. 2 (1996), 163-166.

An ongoing bibliography, "a selected sampling of current books, articles, and dissertations relevant to the study of American women writers from the seventeenth through the early twentieth century." There are entries for Chopin, Hurston, Harriet Jacobs, and Dorothy Scarborough.

(808.) Anthony, Robert G., Jr. "North Carolina Bibliography, 1994--1995." NCHR, 73 (April 1996), 216-241.

Includes books that deal with a North Carolina subject or are written by a North Carolinian.

(809.) Austenfeld, Thomas, ed. "Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature." WAL, 30 (February 1996), 375-409.

A secondary bibliography, including listings for Audubon, Clemens, Bobbie Ann Mason, Cormac McCarthy, Katherine Anne Porter.

(810.) Ayers, Edward L. "Virginia History as Southern History." VMHB, 104 (Winter 1996), 129-136.

Surveys material published during "the last fifty years or so" on "nineteenth-century Virginia and southern history in general, hoping to inspire inspiration for histories yet to be written." The best of these works "explore the commonwealth's history not merely for its own sake but better to understaned the forces and events that affected the entire American South."

(811.) Banta, Martha. "Always in Flux--Literary Forms, Cultural Norms, and Large Patterns: The Example of `Yekl'." Profession 96 (MLA), pp. 121-126.

There are short comments on Mark Twain, Kate Chopin, Charles Chesnutt, and very brief ones on Richard Wright and Frederick Douglass in Banta's discussion of why it is important for the teacher of American literature "to demonstrate the ways in which literary forms are of a piece with prevailing cultural norms and language patterns [patterns that themslves owe much to cultural changes]."

(812.) Bernstein, Matthew. "Nostalgia, ambivalence, irony: Song of the South and race relations in Atlanta in 1946." Film History, 8, no. 2 (1996), 219-236.

"This essay contrasts the responses of white and black Atlantans to Song of the South [a film version of the Uncle Remus stories which premiered in Atlanta in 1946] as represented in its two major white dailies ... and the only black (owned and operated) daily...." Bernstein focuses on the possibilities of "viewer nostalgia" and "viewer irony" in the context of "several racist incidents that had recently occurred in and around the city."

(813.) Best, John Hardin, "Education in the Forming of the American South." History of Education Quarterly, 36 (Spring 1996), 39-51.

"Non-formal education and formal institutions were a product of the larger culture of the South, but they in turn influenced and sustained this distinctive culture" and so created an "education history that would appear quite different from [that of] the mainstream of urban, industrial America." Best comments on a conversation about education with James Silver, and there are brief comments on Jefferson and allusions to a few other Southerners.

(814.) Blackmer, Corinne E. "Writing Poetry like a `Woman'." AmLH, 8 (Spring 1996), 130-153.

There are scattered references to Adrienne Rich in this essay-review of five books on female poets and feminist criticism. Elsewhere Randall Jarrell is mentioned as being paired with Marianne Moore in one of the books. …

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