Academic journal article ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

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Academic journal article ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

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We heard recently from Society member Laurie Cox, President of the Australian Society for General Semantics (AGS), and David Hewson, formerly residing in New Zealand, who now lives in Sydney, Australia. David, an Institute of General Semantics certified instructor, has been active with the Australian Society for General Semantics. Incidentally, some years ago, David wrote the very useful computer program that we still use at ISGS for indexing ETC.

AGS Activities During 2001

The AGS group in Sydney has been very busy this year. We've had about 60 GS meetings, which included 12 monthly meetings with the main group and 48 meetings with the "advanced" GS studies group.

The monthly meetings have covered topics such as these:

The Brain

Here we watched a videotape series about the brain. This showed the latest findings on the brain, and I feel that this presented information on the brain in much greater depth than the film on the brain, which 1 (David) saw at the Institute of General Semantics Summer Seminar in 1983. After watching a presentation, we discussed it from a GS perspective. We did this over three meetings. That's about 18 hours work on the brain. So we've just started to scratch the surface.

Happiness and How Not to be Miserable

David ran this seminar, which turned out to be very popular. He based it on Korzybski's happiness formulations and some more recent work in RET and NLP, etc.

Health and How to Live Longer

This was another of David's presentations, but much less popular than the Happiness Seminar. …

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