Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Reviewer Index

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Reviewer Index

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Albrecht, Christopher     Kekes, Pluralism in Philosophy:
                          Changing the Subject

Arthos, John              Grassi, Rhetoric as Philosophy: The
                          Humanist Tradition

Behuniak, James           Cua, Moral Vision and Tradition:
                          Essays in Chinese Ethics

Berg, Steven              Benardete, The Argument of the Action

Burch, Robert             Langan, Surviving the Age of Virtual

Calcagno, Antonio         Stern, Metaphor in Context

Copan, Paul               Moreland and Rae, Body and Soul:
                          Human Nature and the Crisis in

Davis, Charles            Hallett, A Middle Way to God

De Nys, Martin            Venema, Identifying Selfhood:
                          Imagination, Narrative, and
                          Hermeneutics in the Thought of
                          Paul Riceour

Eberl, Jason              Dombrowski, Not Even A Sparrow
                          Falls: The Philosophy of Stephen R.
                          L. Clark

Fuss, Peter               Bencivenga, Hegel's Dialectical

Golluber, Michael         Wedin, Aristotle's Theory of Substance:
                          The Categories and Metaphysics

Groth, Miles              Heidegger, Introduction to Metaphysics

                          Comay and McCumber, eds., Endings:
                          Questions of Memory in Hegel
                          and Heidegger

Kind, Amy                 Carruthers, Phenomenal Conciousness:
                          A Naturalistic Theory

Lamb, Andrew              Moran, Introduction to Phenomenology

Mason, Richard            Spinoza, Political Treatise

McCarthy, John            Brague, La sagesse du monde. … 
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