Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2000-2001 *

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations 2000-2001 *

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University of Alberta (37) (24) (15)

LYNN A. ADAM, "Kathy Acker and the Hysterical Sublime: The Movements of Technological Martyrdom, Grotesque Perversity, and Post-Freudian Aesthetics." Advisers: Margaret M. Van de Pitte and Christine Wiesenthal.

MASON D. CASH, "Intentionality in Action: Looking for `Life' in All the Wrong Places." Advisers: F. Jeffry Pelletier and Wesley E. Cooper.

ANITA T. S. HO, "The Ethics and Politics of Health-Care Resource Allocation." Adviser: Glenn G. Griener.

CHRISTOS Y. PANAYIDES, "Aristotle on Modality and Determinism." Adviser: Martin M. Tewwdale. (Awarded in 2000)

University of Arizona (32) (32) (16)

SCOTT HENDRICKS, "Epistemic Reasons & the Basing Relation." Adviser: Keith Lehrer.

AVERY KOHLERS, "Grounds for Global Justice." Adviser: Allen Buchanan.

Boston College (108) (92) (25)

PATRICK D. BROWN, "`System in History' in the Thought of Bernard Lonergan." Advisers: Charles Hefting and Patrick Byrne.

MICHAEL R. MILLER, "In Defense of the Reconciliation of Divine Will and Human Freedom According to St. Thomas Aquinas." Advisers: Stephen Brown and Thomas Hibbs.

JOSEPH G. SHAY, "The Radicalization of a Phenomenological Theory of Meaning: From Husserl, Through Heidegger, to Levinas." Advisers: Jacques Taminiaux and David Rasmussen.

SHANNON VALLOR, "How We Think About Things: Reference in Husserl and the Analytic Tradition." Advisers: Richard Cobb-Stevens, Jacques Taminiaux, and Eileen Sweeney.

Boston University (79) (41) (24)

PAUL BRODERICK, "The Analog-Digital Distinction and the Flow of Information: An Inquiry in the Foundation of Computers." Adviser: Jaakko Hintikka.

LUIGI CARANTI, "The Development of Kant's Refutation of Idealism." Adviser: Henry Allison.

NICOLAS DE WARREN, "The Promise of Time." Adviser: Daniel Dahlstrom.

BRUCE FRASER, "Analysis and Behavior in the Philosophies of Noam Chomsky and W. V. Quine." Adviser: Jaakko Hintikka.

GABRIELA MARTINEZ, "Desire & Transcendence: A Reading of Plato's Symposium & Phaedrus." Adviser: Charles L. Griswold, Jr.

ROBERT McCARTHY, "David Hume's Sceptical Science of Morals." Adviser: Knud Haakonssen.

JOE McCOY, "Aporia & Philosophy: A Commentary on Plato's Meno." Adviser: Charles L. Griswold, Jr.

JAMES STUMP, "Metaphysics & the Interpretation of Physical Theory: A Historical Examination from the 17th Century to the 19th Century." Adviser: Tian Yu Cao. (Awarded in 2000)

Bowling Green State University (42) (22) (18)

KATHRYN BRADIE, "Illuminations of Terrorism." Adviser: Donald Callen.

S. HAROLD BURNETT, "Ecosystemic Goods: The Pros and Cons of a Property Rights Approach." Adviser: Fred Miller.

LAURA DEHELIAN, "Evolutionary Theory as a Framework for Moral Psychology." Adviser: Michael Bradie.

PETER FOUND, "Never Judge a Dutch Book by Its Cover." Adviser: Edward McClennan.

URI HENIG, "The Logic of Desire and Deliberation." Adviser: Edward McClennen.

BILL KLINE, "Stability, Convention and the Sensible Knave: The Foundations of Hume's Theory of Justice." Adviser: James Child.

RADO KOTOROV, "Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Firm: The Wealth of Individual." Advisers: Edward McClennan and James Child.

ALEXEI MARCOUX, "Legal Normativity Reconsidered: Raz, Positivism, and Political Authority." Advisers: James Child and Christopher Morris.

LAURA NEWHART, "Post Modern Procreation: Subjectivities and Sexual Difference Beyond Phallocentrism." Adviser: Donald Callen.

PAMELA RYAN, "Sublimely Metaphysical: Kant's Politics of Revolution." Adviser: James Child.

JIM SPENCE, "The Moral Foundations of the Duty to Rescue." Adviser: R. G. Frey.

JAMES TAYLOR, "Personal Autonomy: Its Theoretical Foundations and Role in Applied Ethics. …

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