Southern History in Periodicals, 2001: A Selected Bibliography

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THIS CLASSIFIED BIBLIOGRAPHY INCLUDES MOST SCHOLARLY ARTICLES IN the field of southern history published in periodicals in 2001 except for descriptive or genealogical writings of primary interest to a restricted group of readers. Since some journals were not published on schedule in 2000, articles from them were not included in the May 2001 issue of the Journal. The present listing includes these late journals with a bracketed notation that the article was published in 2000, or earlier, if appropriate. Entries under each heading are arranged alphabetically by author.


Jefferson-Hemings: A Special Issue [1 article, 2 review essays, and a note]. Nat. Genealogical Soc. Quar., v. 89, Sept., 165-237.

APPLEBY, JOYCE OLDHAM. The Vexed Story of Capitalism Told by American Historians. Jour. Early Rep., v. 21, Spring, 1-18.

BAKER, VAUGHAN B. Mad, Bad, and Dangerous: Conceptions and Misconceptions of Louisiana's History and Heritage. La. Hist., v. 42, Summer, 261-75.

BAKER, HOUSTON A., JR., and DANA D. NELSON, eds. Violence, the Body and "The South" [preface and 6 articles]. Am. Lit., v. 73, June, 231-412.

BURROUGHS, TONY. The Original Soundex Instructions [for post-1880 census takers]. Nat. Genealogical Soc. Quar., v. 89, Dec., 287-98.

CALLCOTT, GEORGE H. The Quality of Life in Maryland Over Five Centuries. Md. Hist. Mag., v. 96, Fall, 272-302.

CARLTON, DAVID L. Rethinking Southern History. Sou. Cult., v. 7, Spring, 38-49.

FOX-GENOVESE, ELIZABETH, and EUGENE D. GENOVESE. Surveying the South: A Conversation with John Shelton Reed. Sou. Cult., v. 7, Spring, 76-93.

HAINES, JEFFREY L. Under a Spreading Chestnut Tree: Parents for the Village Blacksmith, Nathaniel F. Sullivan of [19th-cent. Forsyth County] North Carolina. Nat. Genealogical Soc. Quar., v. 89, March, 16-28.

JENKINS, GARY C. Canoeing the Tennessee in Modern Times: Travel Journals of the River Before the Tennessee Valley Authority. Tenn. Hist. Quar., v. 60, Summer, 90-107.

KANON, TOM. Tennessee Places: Camp Blount, Public Memory, and the Paving of History. Tenn. Hist. Quar., v. 60, Summer, 74-89.

LEVY, ANDREW. The Anti-Jefferson: Why Robert Carter III [1728-1804] Freed His Slaves (And Why We Couldn't Care Less). Am. Scholar, v. 70, Spring, 15-35.

PARRAMORE, THOMAS C. The "Lost Colony" Found: A Documentary Perspective. N.C. Hist. Rev., v. 78, Jan., 67-83.

PRICE, WILLIAM S., JR. Nathaniel Macon [1758-1837], Planter. N.C. Hist. Rev., v. 78, April, 187-214.

REED, JOHN SHELTON. Forty Defining Moments of the Twentieth-Century South. Sou. Cult., v. 7, Summer, 94-97.

ROBERTSON, JOHN E. L. My Life as a Telegrapher on the Kentucky Division of the Illinois Central Railroad. Reg. Ky. Hist. Soc., v. 98, Summer [2000], 279-95.

SAPON-WHITE, RICHARD E. A Polish Jew on the Florida Frontier and in Occupied Tennessee: Excerpts from the Memoirs of Max White. Sou. Jewish Hist., v. 4, pp. 93-122.

SCHONWEITZ, THOMAS. Gender and Postvocalic /r/ in the American South: A Detailed Socioregional Analysis. Am. Speech, v. 76, Fall, 259-85.

SHULMAN, CECILIA M. The Bingamans of Natchez. Jour. Miss. Hist., v. 63, Winter, 285-315.

TRUMAN, HARRY S. Maryland and Tolerance [1945 address by then-vice president]. Md. Hist. Mag., v. 96, Fall, 328-31.

VESTAL, THEODORE M. Emperor Haile Selassie in Stillwater: The First Visit to Oklahoma by a Reigning Foreign Head of State. Chron. Okla., v. 79, Summer, 132-57.


Jefferson-Hemings: A Special Issue [1 article, 2 review essays, and a note]. Nat. Genealogical Soc. Quar., v. 89, Sept., 165-237.

ALSTON, LEE J., and KYLE D. KAUFFMAN. Competition and the Compensation of Sharecroppers by Race: A View from Plantations in the Early Twentieth Century. Explorations in Econ. Hist., v. 38, Jan., 181-94. …


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