A Message from the Editor

Article excerpt

This issue of Germano-Slavica is the first to be published under my editorship; its relatively late appearance is due to a number of factors besides my freshman status as editor, including the recent moves of our departmental office, of the office of the journal itself (the materials of which are still packed in boxes as I write this), and of the Graphics office (where the journal is printed). The move from a tenured colleague to a tenure-track academic as editor has also necessitated that the journal's schedule take second place to my own schedule for research and publication. Next year's issue will also appear in the summer, though it should appear somewhat earlier.

I can think of no better way to begin my tenure as editor than to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Robert Karpiak, who guided Germano-Slavica for a decade, who passed this issue on to me with two fine articles already in hand, and who has graciously agreed to continue in the position of Associate Editor, where he has proven invaluable both as a mentor and as an advisor in matters Slavic. Thanks are also due to the editorial board, who have been unstinting in their support and tireless in their duties as reviewers; and to those colleagues from outside the board who have been generous enough to review articles in their fields of expertise when needed. …


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