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Greetings all! This is my last issue as editor of WSPAJ and I'd like to thank everyone for helping me survive that role! I couldn't have done it without the dedicated services of all the reviewers, the editorial board, and my administrative assistant, Bernadene Butters.

I gave up the editorship in November '01, due to my tenure quest and the need to administrate my DAMET grant (DAMET stands for "Daughters and Mothers Exercising Together"). In November, I called Karen McConnell (Pacific Lutheran University) and asked her if she would take over the editorship from November till January, when a new editor would be named. Karen willingly obliged and did a fabulous job "running the show" during those months. She made sure that manuscripts were sent to reviewers, and decisions were made on several papers that will undoubtedly be published in the next few issues of the journal.

This issue of WSPAJ is filled with an interesting collection of research articles, historical and theoretical pieces, literature reviews, and heart-felt essays. Several papers should be of interest to those who study and teach about sport sociology. Cora Burnett wrote a fascinating piece on women, poverty, and sport in South Africa. She helps us walk in the shoes of those in other countries who typically have fewer sport opportunities. Similarly interesting was a paper by Katherine Jamieson, Justine Reel, and Diane Gill. The paper, titled "Beyond the Racial Binary: Stacking in Women's Softball," asks us to look beyond the typical "black and white" examination of the phenomenon of stacking (Note: Stacking is placing players of one race in prominent or complimentary roles.) Jamieson and colleagues examine stacking in women's softball, and include women of Hispanic origin. Susan Levy presents a paper titled "Women and the Personal Meaning of Competition: A Qualitative Investigation." This paper teases out those things that women like about competition. "Athletic Body Image," a paper by Christy Greenleaf, takes the reader through the development of a theoretical model of body image, specific to the athletic woman.

Of interest to professionals in sport marketing or management is a paper by Ellen Staurowsky titled "Young Women Talking Sports and Careers: A Glimpse at the Next Generation of Women in Sports Media. …


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