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A key to abbreviated imprints is found at the end of this column. For more information about the content and arrangement of this list, consult the introduction to the column in the September 2001 issue (p. 192 of this volume).


Haydn, Joseph. Arien und Szenen mit Orchester. 1. Folge. Hrsg. von Robert von Zahn. (Joseph Haydn Werke, Reihe XXVI, Bd. 1.) Henle, 2000. HN 5771 (paper); HN 5772 (cloth). xx p.; score, 183 p. $175 (paper); $192 (cloth).

Haydn, Joseph. Volksliedbearbeitungen, Nr. 101-150: Schottische Lieder fur William Napier. Hrsg. von Andreas Friesenhagen. (Joseph Haydn Werke, Reihe XXXII, Bd. 2.) Henle, 2001. HN 5901 (paper); HN 5902 (cloth). xiii p.; score, 87 p. $102 (paper); $119 (cloth).

Janacek, Leos. Amarus: kantata pro sola, smiseny sbor, a orchestr (1897). Editori, Leos Faltus, Marie Kucerova, Milos Stedron. (Souborne kriticke vydani, rada b, sv. 1.) Barenreiter Praha, 2000. H 7382. ISMN M-2601-0000-8. xviii p.; score, 121 p.; facsims. DM 190.

Lasso, Orlando di. The Complete Motets, 12: Sacrae cantiones quinque vocum (Munich, 1582). Ed. by Rebecca Wagner Oettinger. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance, vol. 128.) A-R, 2001. ISBN 0-89579-492-6. xxv p.; score, 104 p. $53.

Leonarda, Isabella. Twelve Sonatas, op. 16. Ed. by Stewart Carter. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, vol. 113.) A-R, 2001. ISBN 0-89579-493-4. x p.; score, 117 p. $53.

Lopez, Felix Maximo. Integral de Ia musica para clave y pianoforte. Edicion critica a cargo de Alberto Cobo. (Musica hispana, ser. C, 7.) ICCMU, 2000. ISBN 84-8048-336-9. xv p.; score, 298 p.

Marsh, John. Symphonies. Part 1, the Salisbury and Canterbury Symphonies (1778-1784). Ed. by Ian Graham-Jones. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Classical Era, vol. 62.) A-R, 2001. ISBN 0-89579-486-1. xvii p.; score, 255 p. $127.

Marsh, John. Symphonies. Part 2, The Chichester Symphonies and Finales (1778-1801). Ed. by Ian Graham-Jones. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Classical Era, vol. 63.) A-R, 2001. ISBN 0-89579-487-X. xiv p.; score, 213 p. $92.

Montella, Giovan Domenico. Primo libro de madrigali a cinque voci. Ed. by ChihHsin Chou. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance, vol. 129.) A-R, 2001. ISBN 0-89579-497-7. xxi, p.; score, 90 p. $56.

Petits motets: from the Royal Convent School at Saint-Cyr. Ed. by Deborah Kauffman. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, vol. 112.) A-R, 2001. ISBN 0-89579-491-8. xix p.; score, 102 p. $53.


Bach, Johann Sebastian. Easter Oratorio, BWV 249. In Full Score. From the BachGesellschaft Edition. Ed. by Wilhelm Rust. Dover, 2001. ISBN 0-486-41890-1. Score, 72 p. Reprinted from the Bach-Gesellschaft ed., 1871. $10.95.

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Symphony no. 4 in B-flat Major, op. 60. (Dover Miniature Scores.) Dover, 2001. ISBN 0-486-41696-8. Miniature score, 73 p. Reprint. Originally published, H. Litolffs Verlag, n. d. $4.95.

Dvorak, Antonin. Serenade no. 1, op. 22, and Serenade no. 2, op. 44. In Full Score. Dover, 2001. ISBN 0-486-41895-2. Score, 123 p. The first work for string orchestra; the 2d, for winds, horns, and low strings. Reprint of two "authoritative early editions." $13.95.

Handel, George Frideric. Messiah. In Full Score. Ed. by Alfred Mann. (Dover Miniature Scores.) Dover, 2001. ISBN 0-486-41906-1. Miniature score, 210 p. "Slightly abridged republication ... originally published by Rutgers University Documents of Music" (1959-1965). $7.95.

Leo, Leonardo. Concerto in la magg. (n. 2). (I sei concerti per violoncello, due violini e continuo, IV.) Rev. e basso continuo di Pietro Spada. Boccaccini, 2000. B.S. 1255. Score, 33 p. Parts rental. $25.95.

Mahler, Gustav. Symphony no. 8, "Symphony of a Thousand." (Dover Miniature Scores.) Dover, 2001. ISBN 0-486-41908-8. …


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