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Academic journal article CineAction


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To the Editors,

When I watched Amos Gitai's Kippur I became depressed about its lack of political content. When I read the CineAction review by Florence Jacobowitz in Issue 54, I felt a strong sense of deja vu. Neither Getai nor Jacobowitz appear to have any sense of the context in which the film has been produced and is being distributed, given the latest phase of Israeli militarism, this is pretty myopic.

In a seminal article in Movie 27/28 Andrew Britton commented on Vietnam movies, "...any account of America's involvement in Vietnam (or in Chile or Nicaragua) [or one might add, the Middle East] which is based on moral condemnation alone is doomed to irrelevance, because ethical objections to that involvement can only be formulated in terms of a political analysis of its objective determinants and aims." Kippur doesn't even reach the first base of a moral position. I can only assume that Gital and Jacobowitz can't get beyond the short-sighted views, which fail even to recognise the existence of Palestinian people.

Since CineAction appears to regard itself as a liberal film journal I would have hoped for a rather more critical response to the film. Perhaps you could make amends by launching a long overdue critical project. The analysis of the Zionist line in so many western popular films, from Exodus to Schindler's List and One Day in September.

Waiting in anticipation.

Keith Withall,

Leeds, UK


Amos Gitai has directed a number of highly politicized films, like the controversial pro-Palestinian House (1980) and Field Diary (1982), which evidence the artist's commitment and determination to present the Israeli-Palestinian struggle to secure an equitable solution in a manner not only considerate of Palestinian concerns but also highly critical of those of Israel. …

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