Major Federal Firearm Laws (Still in Effect), 1934-1999

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Major Federal Firearm Laws (Still in Effect), 1934-1999 
Title                 U.S. Code             Effective 
                      Section               Date 
National              26 U.S.C.             1934 
Firearms Act          [ss] 5801 et seq. 
Gun Control Act       18 U.S.C.             10/22/68 
of 1968               [ss] 921 et seq.      and 
Firearm Owners        18 U.S.C.             11/15/86 
Protection Act        [ss] 921 et seq. 
Gun-Free              18 U.S.C.             1/30/91 
School Zones          [ss] 922 (q)          (initial 
Act of 1990                                 version) 
Brady                 18 U.S.C.             2/28/94 
Handgun Violence      [ss][ss] 922 (s)-(u) 
Prevention Act 
Violent Crime         18 U.S.C.             9/13/94 
Control and           [ss] 922 
Law Enforcement       (scattered 
Act of 1994           section) 
Gun Ban for           18 U.S.C.             9/30/96 
Individuals           [ss][ss] 922(d)(9), 
Convicted of a        (g)(9), 
Misdemeanor           (s)(3)(B)(1) 
Crime of 
Domestic Violence: 
Lautenberg Amendment 
Title                 Summary 
National              Among the law's provisions: 
Firearms Act          * Requires certain weapons, such as 
                        sawed-off shotguns and machine 
                        guns, to be registered. 
                      * Requires a transfer tax to be 
                        paid upon sale of these guns. 
Gun Control Act       Basic gun control law in the United 
of 1968                States. 
                      Among the law's many initial 
                      * Requires a license for gun 
                        dealers, manufacturers, and 
                      * Prohibits gun purchase or 
                        possession by certain persons, 
                        such as convicted felons. 
                      * Prohibits handgun sale by 
                        licensed dealers to persons under 
                        age 21. 
                      * Prohibits long-gun sale by 
                        licensed dealers to persons under 
                        age 18. 
                      Most other federal gun laws are 
                       codified as amendments to the Gun 
                       Control Act. 
Firearm Owners        Among the law's several provisions: 
Protection Act        * Forbids the federal government 
                        from establishing any "system of 
                        registration of firearms, firearm 
                        owners, or firearms transactions 
                        or distributions..." (18 U.S.C. 
                        [ss] 926(a)(3)). 
                      * Places certain limits on the 
                        ability of the U.S. Bureau of 
                        Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to 
                        inspect the premises and records 
                        of licensed dealers (18 U.S.C. 
                        [ss] 923(g)). 
                      * Includes a ban on the possession 
                        or transfer of a machine gun that 
                        was not lawfully owned prior to May 
                        19, 1986 (18 U. … 


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