Comprehensive Index to Asian Theatre Journal: Vols. 1-19. (Reviews: By Author/Title)

Article excerpt


Adachi, Barbara C. Backstage at Bunraku (Book). Reviewed by Julianne Boyd. 7.1 (1990): 116-117.

-----. The Voices and Hands of Bunraku (Book). Reviewed by Junko S. Berberich. 1.1 (1984): 122-123.

Akihiko, Senda. The Voyage of Contemporary Japanese Theatre (Book). Reviewed by Laurence Kominz. 17.2 (2000): 296-299.

Akira Shigeyama International Projects. Busu (Video). Reviewed by Samuel L. Leiter. 15.2 (1998): 310.

-----. This IsKyogen (Video). Reviewed by Samuel L. Leiter. 15.2 (1998): 310. Albery, Nobuko. The House of Kanze (Book). Reviewed by Robert Bethune. 9.2 (1992): 254.

Arps, Bernard, ed. Performance in Java and Bali: Studies of Narrative, Theatre, Music, and Dance (Book). Reviewed by Robert Petersen. 11.2 (1994): 315-316.

Asai, Susan M. Nomai Dance Drama: A Surviving Spirit of Medieval Japan (Book). Reviewed by Eric C. Rath. 19.1 (2002): 231-233.

Averbuch, Irit. The Gods Come Dancing: A Study of the Japanese Ritual Dance of Yamabushi Kagura (Book). Reviewed by Barbara E. Thornbury. 14.1 (1997): 146-148.

Bandem, I Made, and Fredrik Eugene deBoer. Kaja and Kelod: Balinese Dance in Transition (Book). Reviewed by Judy Mitoma. 2.1 (1985): 83-84.

Banham, Martin, ed. The Cambridge Guide to World Theatre (Book). Reviewed by John Emigh. 8.1 (1991): 92-99.

Barba, Eugenio. Land of A shes and Diamonds: My Apprenticeship in Poland (Book). Reviewed by Michael Huttler. 18.1 (2001): 113-115.

-----. The Paper Canoe (Book). Reviewed by Seth Baumrin. 14.2 (1997): 281-289.

Barba, Eugenio, and Nicola Savarese. Theatre Anthropology: The Secret Art of the Performer (Book). Reviewed by Samuel L. Leiter. 9.2 (1992): 268-270.

Baumer, Bettina, ed. Kaltattvakosa: A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts, Vol. I: Eight Selected Terms, Vol. II: Concepts of Space and Time (Book). Reviewed by Phillip B. Zarrilli. 12.1 (1995): 207-208.

Beng, Tan Sooi. Bangsawan: A Social and Stylistic History of Popular Malay Opera (Book). Reviewed by Kathy Foley. 15.2 (1998): 297.

-----. Bangsawan: A Social and Stylistic History of Popular Malay Opera (Book). Reviewed by Suresh Awasthi. 11.2 (1994): 313-314.

Bernhard, Betty, and KailashPandeya. WomenTheatreActivists of India: Interview, 1997 (Video). Reviewed by Diane Daugherty. 15.2 (1998): 311-313.

Bethe, Monica, and Karen Brazell. Dance in the No Theater (Book). Reviewed by Mark J. Nearman. 4.2 (1987): 237-238.

Bethe, Monica, Richard Emmert, and others. Noh Performance Guides (Book). Reviewed by Frank Hoff. 16.1 (1999): 124-126.

Bharucha, Rustom. The Politics of Cultural Practice: Thinking Through Theatre in an Age of Globalization (Book). Reviewed by Barbara Sellers-Young. 18.2 (2001): 274-275.

-----, Chandralekha: Woman Dance Resistance (Book). Reviewed by Phillip B. Zarrilli. 14.1 (1997): 141-143.

Bouvier, Helene. La Mature des Emotions: Les Arts du Temps et du Spectacle dans la Societe Madouraise (Indonesie) (Book). Reviewed by Kathy Foley. 15.2 (1998): 299.

Brakel-Papenhuijzen (Papenhuyzen), Clara. The Bedhaya Court Dances of Central Java (Book). Reviewed by Rene T. A. Lysloff. 11.2 (1994): 317-322.

Brandon, James R. No and Kyogen in the Contemporary World (Book). Reviewed by John K. Gillespie. 15.2 (1998): 291-292.

-----, ed. The Cambridge Guide to Asian Theatre (Book). Reviewed by Samuel L. Leiter. 12.1 (1995): 190-191.

-----, ed. Chushingura: Studies in Kabuki and the Puppet Theater (Book). Reviewed by Samuel L. Leiter. 2.1 (1985): 91-92.

Brazell, Karen, ed. Traditional Japanese Theater: An Anthology of Plays (Plays). Reviewed by Marleigh Grayer Ryan. 17.1 (2000): 123-126.

Brown, John Russell. New Sites for Shakespeare: Theatre, the Audience, and Asia (Book). Reviewed by David W. …


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