Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

For Banking, 1990 Was Far from a Nonevent

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

For Banking, 1990 Was Far from a Nonevent

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Bankers are looking to 1991, in legislative terms, as a potential make-or-break year for the industry. Yet banking's record of success during the past year shouldn't be dismissed.

In 1990 ABA continued to work on one of the largest government relations agendas in its history--items ranging from deposit-insurance reform and lender liability to money laundering and the thrift crisis to new products and the regulatory burden. A recap. It was a year in which...

* The banking industry once more successfully fought off attempts by Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D-Ohio) to enact his costly proposals on basic banking and government check cashing.

* Federal banking regulators clarified their definition of a highly leveraged transaction. This move, heavily supported by ABA, brought important benefits to banks that carry such loans on their books, because far fewer of the transactions would have to be reported.

* ABA released the final version of the in-depth study of credit unions conducted by Secura Group, Washington, D.C. Because of ABA's aggressive stance, it's no longer assumed on Capitol Hill that the tax-free status of the $200-billion credit-union industry is unassailable.

* ABA went to bat against the U.S. Postal Service's proposal to raise first-class rates by a record 20%. It was a tough battle, but with the postal service losing close to $4 million per day the pressure for a rate increase was overwhelming. ABA successfully delayed implementation of proposed changes in delivery standards so bankers could have more time to gauge the impact of the changes on their mailings.

* A vigorous ABA information campaign helped banks prepare for the July 1 deadline after which their institutions' ratings under the Community Reinvestment Act were to be made public. …

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