Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

'Buy-In' Is Sold out. (against the Grain)

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

'Buy-In' Is Sold out. (against the Grain)

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When we contemplate "change" and use the term "buy-in," we're already halfway down the wrong path. "Buy-in" indicates we're not thinking about visioning and leadership, we're thinking about dictating.

In an old western, the above are called "fighten" words. The term buy-in is as much a part of Change Management as apples are a part of strudel. To suggest that prevailing change management strategies are faulty, is liable to get one hung. My neck size is 18... .

There's a myth in management circles that people don't like change. That employees in particular resist it at every opportunity. In a time when change is the norm, and accelerating daily, this belief presents some serious problems. The first step to manage in such chaos is to discard the myths.

People are not adverse to change, they seek it out at every opportunity. They learn new languages, move from one place to another, and seek out more challenging positions. People love change, but they hate being changed. They hate not being in control of what happens to them. They hate being asked to "buy-into" something they had no part in creating. They hate what they don't understand.

The moment we think buy-in, it means we've already created in our own minds the solution we'd like to implement. Our challenge is to now "sell" this solution to the target audience. Naturally we will encounter resistance... this then propagates the myth that people don't like change.

There is no doubt that good managers see the need for change sooner than everyone else. …

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