Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

New Guy, New Title, Same Job. (Chairman's Position)

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

New Guy, New Title, Same Job. (Chairman's Position)

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AT THE ABA's CONVENTION LAST month in Phoenix, I became the 2002-2003 "chairman" of the American Bankers Association, a title that replaces the former one of "president." Many state bankers associations have made a similar name change to designate their top volunteer leaders. Now ABA has done the same.

While I'm ABA's first chairman, I am also keenly aware that I follow in a long succession of very fine banking industry leaders.

I hail from Tupelo, Mississippi. You may know it as the birthplace of Elvis Presley. I know it as home. More than that, Tupelo is a community not unlike the place you call home. It's quintessentially American-with its own unique history, hard-working people, and a shared desire to get ahead in life.

And because I come from a place like Tupelo and manage a bank there, I'm really very much a traditional banker, reflective of many in our industry.

In the early days, we were a railroad town. Cotton was king then. There was no bank for a while, lust a few stores, a grocery store, a wagon shop-and, yes, some saloons. Our bank was one of the first in town, begun in the back of a hardware store in nearby Verona, Miss. Like the community you live in, we sent our sons to two World Wars. We survived the Great Depression-barely. We faced a killer tornado that nearly destroyed the town in the 1930s. We experienced the New Deal. And of course, there was Elvis.

Technology and globalization are a reality in my hometown, as I suspect they are in yours. And there have been many other changes in our community over the years. But I would venture that in every U.S. community, there has usually been one constant: Bankers serving the community. We've financed small businesses, helped families buy homes, provided credit for college educations, and otherwise built healthy communities. …

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