Academic journal article Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

Books Received

Academic journal article Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

Books Received

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Asia Pacific Security Outlook, 1997-2001.


Tokyo and New York: Japan Center for International Exchange, 2001. [CD-ROM]

ISBN 4 88907 057 5

Asia's Maritime Bead Trade 300 B.C. to the Present.

By PETER FRANCIS, JR. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2002.

ISBN 0 8248 2332 x

Resource Management in Asia Pacific Developing Countries.

Edited by ROSS GARNAUT. Canberra: Asia Pacific Press, 2002.

ISBN 0 7315 3682 7

Many Tongues, One People: The Making of Tharu Identity in Nepal.

By ARJUN GUNERATNE. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2002.

ISBN 0 8014 8728 5

Major Power Relations in Northeast Asia.

Edited by DAVID M. LAMPTON. Tokyo and New York: Japan Center for International Exchange, 2001.

ISBN 4 88907 047 8

Integrating China into the Global Economy.

By NICHOLAS R. LARDY. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution, 2002.

ISBN 0 8157 5135 4

Capitalist Development and Economism in East Asia: The Rise of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

By KU-WAI LI. London and New York: Routledge, 2002.

ISBN 0 415 26873 7

Pollution Control in East Asia: Lessons from Newly Industrializing Economies.

By MICHAEL T. ROCK. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2002.

ISBN 1 891853 48 1

Governance and Civil Society in a Global Age.

Edited by YAMAMATO TADASHI. Tokyo: Japan Center for International Exchange, 2001.

ISBN 4 88907 048 6

Fujian: A Coastal Province in Transition and Transformation.

Edited by Y. M. YEUNG and DAVID K. Y. CHU. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 2002.

ISBN 962 201 875 0

Perspectives on Korean Dance.

By JUDY VAN ZILE. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan University Press, 2001.

ISBN 0 8195 6494 x

Southeast Asia

Interdependence and International Influence.


Richmond, Surrey: Curzon, 2001.

ISBN 0 7007 1398 0

Pollwatching, Elections and Civil Society in Southeast Asia.

By WILLIAM CALLAHAN. Singapore: Asbgate, 2000.

ISBN 1 81014 474 2

Fear and Security: Burmese Refugees in Thailand.

By HAZEL J. LANG. Ithaca: Cornell University, Southeast Asia Program, 2002.

ISBNO 87727 731 1


Annual Report on the Technical Survey of Angkor Monument 2001.

Supervised by TAKESHI NAKAGAWA. Tokyo: Japan International Cooperation Centre, 2001.

East Timor

Bitter Dawn: East Timor -- A People's Story.

By IRENA CRISTALIS. London: Zed, 2002. ISBN 1 84277 145 0


Which Way Forward? People, Forests, and Policymaking in Indonesia.

Edited by CAROL J. PIERCE COLFER and IDA AJU PRADNJA RESISYDARMO. Washington, DC: Resources for the Future, 2002.

ISBN 1 891853 45 7

The Emergence of a National Economy: An Economic History of Indonesia, 1800-2000.

By HOWARD DICK, VINCENT J. H. HOUBEN, J. THOMAS LINDBLAD and THEE KIAN WIE. Crows Nest, Australia: Allen and Unwin, 2002.

ISBN 0 8248 2552 7

Jealousy and Justice: The Indigenous Roots of Colonial Rule in Northern Sulawesi.

By DAVID HENLEY. Amsterdam: VU University Press, Comparative Asian Studies 22, 2002.

ISBN 90 5383 795 7

Voices of the Puppet Masters: The Wayang Golek Theater of Indonesia.

By MIMI HERBERT. Honolulu, Jakarta: University of Hawaii Press and Lontar Foundation, 2002.

ISBN 0 8248 2554 3

Hinduism and Hierarchy in Bali.

By LEO HOWE. Sant Fe: School of American Research Press, 2001. …

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