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Golden Business Ideas

Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Golden Business Ideas

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The Art of Pricing

Your CEO comes to you for advice. It seems employees in the marketing department are laboring over how much to charge for a new product. After getting their recommendation and hearing how the marketing mavens ran simulated tests and even test-marketed the product, she doesn't feel confident about the price they are suggesting. Plus, she's in a hurry for an answer.

So she has come to you, she explains, because, as a CPA, you're trained as a financial person, and she believes you'll approach the Problem in a more numbers-oriented way.

So how do you respond?

Point out to her that using numbers alone--and for that matter, marketing research alone--is not the best way to come up with a pricing solution. The best way is to combine the two approaches, and it just so happens, after reading the JofA, that you have a suggestion, which, while not particularly sophisticated, uses a mix of numbers and intuition and can provide a reasonably good answer quickly. And that, you should add, may prompt the marketing department to revisit the problem with fresh thinking.

Here's what to do: Begin by asking the marketing people to pick the best possible price--that is, what they would like to charge if they had done no pricing research at all--in other words, a strictly intuitive judgment. Then, ask them to select two other prices: the highest they believe customers might accept and the lowest the company can afford.

Then ask them to select two more price candidates--one outrageously high and another outrageously low. Now calculate the sales-to-cost ratio at each price level and find the optimum profitability.

Is it perfect? No, pricing-strategy methods rarely are. But if time and money are limited, it's a pretty good approach and a way to stimulate innovative thinking on the subject. …

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