Academic journal article Journal of Ecumenical Studies

Resources for Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Academic journal article Journal of Ecumenical Studies

Resources for Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue

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In light of the contemporary world situation, we include here a listing of the variety of articles and explorations or responses published in J.E.S. over the years that may be of help to those who seek to foster dialogue among the Abrahamic faiths or between Muslims and Christians. They are listed in chronological order of publication.

Isma'il Ragi A. al Faruqi, "Islam and Christianity: Diatribe or Dialogue," vol. 5 (Winter, 1968): 45-77.

Hasan Askari, "Dialogical Relationship between Christianity and Islam," vol. 9 (Summer, 1972): 477-487.

Richard H. Drummond, "Toward Theological Understanding of Islam," vol. 9 (Fall, 1972): 777-799.

Lionel Blue, "Practical Ecumenism: Jews, Christians and Moslems in Europe," vol. 10 (Winter, 1973): 17-27.

Kenneth Cragg, "The Qur' an and the Contemporary Middle East," vol. 11 (Winter, 1974): 1-12.

James E. Biechler, "Christian Humanism Confronts Islam: Sifting the Qur'an with Nicholas of Cusa," vol. 13 (Winter, 1976): 1-14.

Maurice Borrmans, "The Doctrinal Basis Common to Christians and Muslims and Different Areas of Convergence in Action," vol. 14 (Winter, 1977): 32-50.

Vol. 14, No. 3 (Summer, 1977), includes the Graymoor Papers II on Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue, and related articles:

Charles V. LaFontaine, "To Trialogue and Back," pp. 401-404.

Arthur F. Gouthro, "Opening Address to the Conference on Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue," pp. 405-406.

Zalman M. Schachter, "Bases and Boundaries of Jewish, Christian, and Moslem Dialogue," pp. 407-418.

Monika Konrad Hellwig, "Bases and Boundaries for Interfaith Dialogue: A Christian View," pp. 419-431.

Zafar Ishaq Ansari, "Some Reflections on Islamic Bases for Dialogue with Jews and Christians," pp. 433-446.

Fathi Osman, Zalman Schachter, Gerard S. Sloyan, and Dermot A. Lane, "Jesus in Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue," pp. 448-465.

P. Jacques Lanfry, "Islamic-Christian Dialogue: Approaches to the Obstacles," pp. 484-500.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr, "A Muslim Reflection on Religion and Theology," vol. 17 (Winter, 1980): 112-120.

Haim Gordon, "The Lack of Jewish-Arab Dialogue in Israel and the Spirit of Judaism: A Testimony," vol. 19 (Spring, 1982): 266-275.

Riffat Hassan, "On Human Rights and the Qur'anic Perspective," vol. 19 (Summer, 1982): 51-65.

Lois Lamya' Ibsen al Faruqi, "Marriage in Islam," vol. 22 (Winter, 1985): 55-68.

Riffat Hassan, "Messianism and Islam," vol. 22 (Spring, 1985): 261-291.

John Renard, "Christian-Muslim Dialogue: A Review of Six Post-Vatican II, Church-Related Documents," vol. 23 (Winter, 1986): 69-89.

Abdullah Ahmed An-Na'im, "Mahmud Muhammad Taha and the Crisis in Islamic Law Reform: Implications for Interreligious Relations," vol. 25 (Winter, 1988): 1-21.

Mohamed Talbi, "Possibilities and Conditions for a Better Understanding between Islam and the West," vol. 25 (Spring, 1988): 161-193.

Khalid Duran, "Islam and Socioeconomic Development: Reflections Inspired by Mohamed Talbi," vol. 25 (Fall, 1988): 599-608.

Mohammed Arkoun, "New Perspectives for a Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue," vol. 26 (Summer, 1989): 523-529. …

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