Academic journal article Cartography and Geographic Information Science

Index to Cartography and Geographic Information Science: Volume 29

Academic journal article Cartography and Geographic Information Science

Index to Cartography and Geographic Information Science: Volume 29

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Akerman, James R. 2002. American promotional road mapping in the twentieth century. 29(3): 175-191.

Andrienko, Natalia, Gennady Andrienko, Hans Voss, Fatima Bernardo, Joana Hipolito, and Ursula Kretchmer. 2002. Testing the usability of interactive maps in CommonGIS. 29(4): 325-342.

Clarke, Keith C., Peter H. Dana, and Jordan T. Hastings. 2002. A new world geographic reference system. 29(4): 355-362.

Cloud, John. 2002. American cartographic transformations during the Cold War. 29(3): 261-282.

Cogley, J. Graham. 2002. Variations of the Gringorten square equal-area map projection. 29(4): 381-390.

Collier, Peter. 2002. The impact on topographic mapping of developments in land and air survey: 1900-1939. 29(3): 155-174.

Cook, Karen Severud. 2002. The historical role of photomechanical techniques in map production. 29(3): 137-154.

Crampton, Jeremy W. 2002. Interactivity types in geographic visualization. 29(2): 85-98.

De Cola, Lee. 2002. Spatial forecasting of disease risk and uncertainty. 29(4): 363-380.

Heffernan, Michael. 2002. The politics of the map in the early twentieth century. 29(3): 207-226.

Ipbuker, Cengizhan. 2002. An inverse solution to the Winkel Tripel projection using partial derivatives. 29(1): 37-42.

Kimmerling, A. Jon. 2002. Predicting data loss and duplication when resampling from equal-area grids. 29(2): 111-126.

King, Brian H. 2002. Towards a participatory GIS: Evaluating case studies of participatory rural appraisal and GIS in the Developing World. 29(1): 43-52.

Lam, Nina Siu-Ngan, Hong-lie Qiu, Dale A. Quattrochi, and Charles W. Emerson. 2002. An evaluation of fractal methods for characterizing image complexity. 29(1): 25-35.

Lloyd, Robert, and Michael Hodgson. 2002. Visual search for land use objects in aerial photographs. 29(1): 3-15.

McHaffie, Patrick H. 2002. Towards the automated map factory: Early automation at the U.S. Geological Survey. 29(3): 193-206.

McMaster, Robert, and Susanna McMaster. 2002. A history of twentieth-century American academic cartography. 29(3): 305-321.

Merwin, David A., Robert G. Cromley, and Daniel L. Civco. 2002. Artificial neural networks as a method of spatial interpolation for digital elevation models. 29(2): 99-110.

Monmonier, Mark, and David Woodward. 2002. The Exploratory Essays Initiative: Background and overview. 29(3): 133-135.

Montello, Daniel R. 2002. Cognitive map-design research in the twentieth century: Theoretical and empirical approaches. 29(3): 283-304.

Pearson, Alastair W. Allied military model making during World War II. 29(3): 227-241.

Postnikov, Alexey V. 2002. Maps for ordinary consumers versus maps for the military: Double standards of map accuracy in Soviet cartography, 1917-1991. 29(3): 243-260.

Sadahiro, Yukio. 2002. A graphical method for exploring spatiotemporal point distributions. 29(2): 67-84.

Shuurman, Nadine. 2002. Flexible standardization: Making interoperability accessible to agencies with limited resources. 29(4): 343-353.

Tobler, Waldo. 2002. Quibla, and related, map projections. 29(1): 17-23.


American cartographic transformations during the Cold War. …

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