Academic journal article Antipodes

After the Budapest Conference

Academic journal article Antipodes

After the Budapest Conference

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HOW robust is Star's factoring algorithm when quantum gates are exposed to error models?

My girlfriend bought a flat with her fiancé.

I congratulate them. We open bottles there,

take photographs, project them onto the wall

I put my hand against her soft shoulder

our cheeks and foreheads grin shades of plum.

I explain my work on a napkin: S(L,r) = Σ Pr(j,h,r)

"S is success," I say. "But quantum decoherence

may not allow physically realistic computing."

They understand. Love flourishes in unlikelihood.

"And yet the probability of success is non-zero."

Her fiancé pours again. She brings cheese.

They have bought an apartment together.

"But how can you quantify success?"

My brightest student never asked this question.

"Despite discrete error, Shor's algorithm

renders the problem tractable." We toast luck.

Love and wine grant us understanding.

Talk phases to small-home fittings, fixtures.

I ask all about their soft furnishings,

an Indian-tapestry Mandelbrot over the couch. …

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