Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Iraq

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Iraq

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Jan. 17: The Moscow-based Itar-Tass news service reported that Qusay Husayn, the chief of security and the son of Iraqi president Saddam Husayn, had survived an assassination attempt in a palm grove 46 kilometers from Baghdad. [1/18 FBIS]

Jan. 18: The government informed the United Nations (UN) that it would participate in talks aimed at selling $2 billion worth of oil, the proceeds of which would purchase food and medicine. The United Nations offered the plan on 14 April 1995. [1/18 FT]

Jan. 31: The London-based al-Hayat reported that army units had attacked resistance forces in the al-'Adl area of the south. [1/31 FBIS]

Feb. 6: In New York City, talks began between the government and the United Nations about a UN-proposed plan to sell $2 billion worth of Iraqi oil in order to purchase food and medicine. [2/7 NYT]

Feb. 7: Iraq and Russia signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of petroleum production training. [2/8 FBIS]

Feb. 15: A report issued by Sir Richard Scott, a British high court judge, revealed that officials of the British ministry of defense and the Bureau of Trade and Industry had misled the British parliament about the sale of technology and equipment used in sophisticated weapons systems in 1989 and 1990. The Scott report implicated two current cabinet ministers. [2/16 NYT]

Feb. 19: Husayn Kamil Hasan, Saddam Husayn's son-in-law and former Minister of Industry and Minerals, who defected to Jordan on 8 August 1995, announced his intention to return to Iraq with his family. [2/20 WP]

Talks between Iraq and the United Nations, regarding the sale of $2 billion of Iraqi oil for food and medicine, ended without an agreement. [2/20 NYT]

Feb. 20: Husayn Kamil Hasan and his family returned to Iraq from Jordan. [2/21 NYT]

Feb. 23: The Interior Ministry reported that Hasan and his brother Saddam Kamil Hasan, who was also a son-in-law of President Husayn and who also returned from Jordan, had been killed by their relatives after being divorced by their wives, both of whom were daughters of President Husayn. [2/24 NYT]

Feb. 29: PUK sources reported that Iraqi government troops had raided villages near Irbil and Kirkuk, destroying property and arresting an unspecified number of Kurds. …

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