Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Israel

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Israel

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Jan. 16: In Bonn, Israeli president Ezer Weizman addressed the German Bundestag. [1/17 NYT]

Jan. 24: The government acknowledged that blood donated by Ethiopian Jewish immigrants had been discarded due to fear of AIDS contamination. Immigrants from Ethiopia had twice the rate of HIV infection than had other Israelis. [1/25 WP]

Jan. 28: In Jerusalem, Ethiopian Jews clashed with security forces, protesting revelations that their donated blood had been discarded. An unspecified number of security forces and protestors were injured. [1/29 NYT]

Feb. 5: In Israel, Eritrean president Isais Afworki met with Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres to discuss bilateral relations and the Eritrean-Yemeni conflict. [2/7 FBIS]

Feb. 6: The Tel Aviv-based newspaper Haaretz reported that Russia had expelled an unnamed Israeli diplomat from Russia for "activities not conforming to accepted procedures." [2/7 FBIS]

Feb. 8: The Likud and Tzomet parties agreed to cooperate in the upcoming elections. As part of the agreement, Tzomet leader Rafa'el Eytan would not contest Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu's candidacy for the premiership. [2/5 FBIS, 2/9 FT]

Feb. 19: Prime Minister Peres set 29 May for parliamentary and prime ministerial elections. …

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