Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Pakistan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Pakistan

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Jan. 18: In Lahore, a bomb destroyed the Dyal Singh College library and wounded 23 people. [1/18 FBIS]

Also in Lahore, a bomb exploded in a pharmacy, wounding five people. [1/19 FBIS]

Jan. 20: Police reported killing five "terrorists" in Karachi. [1/22 FBIS]

Jan. 21: In Karachi, a Muhajir Qawmi Movement (MQM)-sponsored strike closed markets and businesses. [1/23 FBIS]

Jan. 22: The government declared a unilateral cease-fire to last the duration of Ramadan. [1/24 FBIS]

Jan. 26: Islamabad radio reported that Indian forces had fired rockets at Kahuta, a town in the Pakistan-administered sector of Kashmir, killing 20 people. [1/29 FBIS]

Jan. 27: Indian and Pakistani forces exchanged heavy fire along the Line of Control (LOC), dividing Kashmir. [1/29 FBIS]

Feb. 5: As part of a nation-wide strike called by Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto to protest Indian activities in Kashmir, demonstrators protested outside of the Indian embassy in Islamabad. [2/6 FT]

Feb. 6: The US Department of State reported that China had sold nuclear weapons equipment to Pakistan in 1995. According to legislation passed in 1994, this information would jeopardize $10 billion of loan guarantees by the US ExportImport Bank. [2/7 WP]

Feb. 12: Britain expelled Muhammad Salim of the Pakistani High Commission for attempting to obtain equipment used in nuclear weapons systems. [2/13 FT]

Feb. 14: In Karachi, factional violence resulted in the deaths of five people, including two MQM activists. …

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