Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Sudan / Syria

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Sudan / Syria

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Jan. 21: The Umma party reported that authorities had arrested parliamentary deputy 'Abd-alRahman abu al-Bishr in early January 1996. [1/26 FBIS]

Jan. 31: Cairo radio reported that police had clashed with protestors in a locality north of Khartoum. [2/1 FBIS]

Feb. 1: The US removed its diplomatic personnel from the Sudan, citing safety concerns, after the United Nations asked the Sudan to hand over three suspects in the 26 June 1995 assassination attempt in Ethiopia on Egyptian president Mubarak. [2/1 WSJ]

Feb. 9: In Khartoum, during a meeting with the Sudanese president 'Umar Hasan al-Bashir, US Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan stated that Muslims should confront "Western attempts" against Islam. [2/10 NYT]

Feb. 12: The electoral commission announced a list of 49 candidates registered for the presidential election. [2/13 FBIS]

Feb. 29: The South Sudan Independence Army (SSIA) declared a unilateral cease-fire. [3/4 FBIS]

Mar. 2: The government announced it was ordering its forces in the south to respect the cease fire. [3/4 FBIS]

Mar. 6: Parliamentary and presidential elections began, and were scheduled to finish on 17 March. [3/7 FBIS]

Mar. 11: The London-based Sharq al-Awsat magazine reported that the army's Third Brigade, stationed near the southern towns of Juba and Torit, had refused orders, citing poor living conditions. [3/12, 2/13 FBIS]

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Ghazi Jalal al-Din reported that the government had prevented a coup attempt, during the week of 3-9 March, involving a group of army officers. [3/11 FBIS]

Mar. 12: The government and the SSIA agreed to continue their cease-fire, which had begun 28 March 1995. [3/13 FBIS]

Mar. 17: The daily Ra'y al-Akhar reported that "bandits" had ambushed the convoy of North Dartur governor Yunis al-Sharif, wounding him and another official, and killing two bodyguards. [3/18 FBIS]

Mar. 18: The Sudanese Peoples' Liberation Army (SPLA) launched an offensive on the Blue Nile Province, attacking government-held towns near the Ethiopian border. [3/22 FBIS]

Mar. 21: Results from the 6-17 March parliamentary elections were announced. All senior officials and ministers were elected. Hasan alTurabi also won a seat in the 400-member national legislature. [3/21 WP]

Mar. 22: The election commission announced that President al-Bashir had been re-elected, with 75 percent of the 5. …

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