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Iraq Amidst Two Forms of Terrorism

Academic journal article Air & Space Power Journal

Iraq Amidst Two Forms of Terrorism

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In the Name of God, the Merciful and the Compassionate

THE COUP D'ÉTAT that put the Baath Party in power in Iraq on 17 July 1968 began a new page in the history of the country. The characteristics of this bloody page became clear when some of the party members swooped down on others just 13 days later. The liquidations included all Iraqis whose opinions differed from those of the Baathists. The harm did not stop with the people who opposed those in power but included their family members to the sixth degree of relationship. Nadhim Gzar directed the massacres carried out by his General security forces, followed by the execution of so-called spies and the extermination of everyone who opposed the regime. In short, Saddam Hussein took power in 1979, after having wielded the real power and influence during the tenure of his predecessor, Gen Ahmed Hassan Al-Bakr.

After Saddam officially became president, he quickly ordered the execution of comrades who had merely whispered their opposition to the methods by which he assumed control. A few months later, he dragged the country into war with Iran, and when Iraq was still licking its wounds following that conflict, he plunged it into war with Kuwait-not to mention the killing of Shiites and Kurds during the 1991 popular uprising after the first Gulf War, and of anyone who even hinted at anything that the regime interpreted as an opposing view. Generations of thugs grew up committing these massacres, violating human rights, and suppressing freedom. In truth, the state conducted terrorism primarily against its own people and secondarily against neighboring nations as well as against humanity.

I do not wish to level accusations at the many nations that reinforced Saddam's regime to carry out this terrorism, but as a matter of fact, France and Russia provided the most support by supplying modern weapons and equipment. They parted with their humanity cheaply when they sold this materiel to Iraq. I also do not wish to write the bloody history of Saddam Hussein. To do so would require lengthy tomes. But I do wish to link the terrorism practiced by Saddam and his Baathist clique with what these same people have done to the Iraqi people since coalition forces led by the United States overthrew Saddam's regime.

At that time the cowardly Baathists, believing that the Iraqi people would literally tear them apart, fled to their dens-some of them to other Arab countries where they embraced the terrorist movements which they found there. Because the Iraqi people have a long tradition of offering forgiveness, they did not pursue the Baathists, leaving them instead to the forces of law and authority. Those forces, however, including the Ruling Council and other bodies, proved weak and did not decisively and firmly hold these criminals accountable for their transgressions. Consequently, these cowards avoided punishment. Those who escaped the wrath of the eagle became insolent and took revenge against the Iraqi people by carrying out car bombings and assassinating honorable members of our great nation, justifying this carnage in the name of resistance.

The ravens of evil screeched in front of them, and the so-called men of religion (the imams of blasphemy), whether in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, or other places, incited Iraqis and others to terrorism-ugly crimes of the worst sort, including the slaughter of children, women, and men, and the random detonation of explosives in the country's streets and marketplaces. Sometimes they justified their actions by claiming to target Shiites or those who work for the government-in addition to other worthless justifications. Having lost their senses, they launched terror attacks that defy description-undefmable and more heinous than any crime or act of discrimination. I wonder why this nation is destined to become victims of killing and intimidation conducted by the Baathists, both previously and now.

Sadly, other Arab and Islamic nations have hesitated to condemn these vicious acts of terrorism. …

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