Academic journal article The Virginia Quarterly Review


Academic journal article The Virginia Quarterly Review


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Jamaica, 1996

The storm's first bullets pit the sand

this side of the wrinkling wave-line; the island,

as I remember it, drums in rain, a barefoot

beach guard hurrying beneath a sheet

of corrugated tin, or the light that followed,

a blush of watery blues and yellows

that drained off past the ocean's rim. We stalked

the grounds of Point Village: the cobbled walks,

a bonfire smoldering on the bulwark, the tree frog

we never saw but heard above the bug-

filled racket-and that was all I'd known of you,

I thought, a voice like weeping where bamboo

clacked in wind, a wisp of smoke,

torchlight dappling the jetty's granite blocks.

In Negril we were duped and hustled

for a week, but even there, in the muscled,

blood-veined face of the bauxite mine,

in the coconuts we drank with straws-too green,

lobotomized-something more, some quiver

of a man, of fingers at the strings of your guitar.

You were there in the musk and bustle of the market:

a smell of curried goat, the skin on a bullet-

wood drum, there, later, when the storm spread

like a bruise along the coast, dark clouds

scudding across the smoke-grey chop

of the horizon; I watched a line of raindrops

run the ribs of a palm frond, a far hill suffused

with light. …

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