Academic journal article Hecate

Poem for Lois

Academic journal article Hecate

Poem for Lois

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Lois Evelyn Goodfellow (nee Cook) 29 June 1920 - 30 October 2005

Two thousand and five

it's been a hard year for

the Goodfellows

128 days back you lost

your youngest son your baby

& now we've lost you

it took 41 days from your

first stroke to stop you though

you were as hard

as a ginger nut biscuit --

there's no denying that

but equally --

you were as soft as one

been dunked

it's fair to comment that you made

a bit of a comeback after a few days

though you did confuse us --

we didn't know whether you were

southpaw or orthodox

one day you were

Lois Evelyn Goodfellow from

Copley Street

married to Johnnie

the next day you were Lynette

married to Roger

(Mark said lucky Johnnie's not here-

he wouldn't be happy with that)

then you reckoned

i was Reginald

then i became Archie --

& when i'd worn you out

you simply said goodbye Archie

goodbye Archie

i'm going to miss those games

miss that engagement --

that confused playfulness

i'm going to miss displays of your

vanity too

like how you said to Grace

64 days back on her 14(th) birthday

i won't be getting my nose

pierced it's too big & i don't

want to draw attention to it

well listen mum --

you always drew attention as a

younger woman

always slim & trim --

no wonder Johnnie grew an inch

with you on his arm

you set the style back in Copley Street

through the 6os

i've got a dress of yours set aside

that you wore to dances with dad --

i've put it away for Grace

it's olive green shot rayon

with a flared skirt & a tight bodice

it has a white net petticoat fitted

& there are eight rosettes as big as

bread & butter plates stitched around

the skirt

we'll keep dancing for you Lois. …

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