Cybersecrecy / the Internet: Cyber Hate and Freedom of Speech

Article excerpt

Cybersecrecy, 28 minutes, $255. The Internet: Cyber Hate and Freedom of Speech, 20 minutes, $250. Distributed by New Dimension Media, Inc.

The first of these two videos, Cybersecrecy, effectively covers one of the more compelling issues of our time: The security of information. The producers take the viewer through a brief history of the development of cryptography-the science of code making and code breaking-from Caesar to contemporary times, using a variety of efficacious tools such as narration, interviews, and re-enactments.

Following this historical perspective, the bulk of the video then focuses on the many applications of cryptographyfrom espionage, to corporate transactions, to individual communications-underscoringthe commonplace relevance o this new technology. An impressive array of experts offer their candid views on the benefits and dangers of the development of cryptographic technologies. They also serve to help explain, in some detail, the methods of encrypting and decrypting information through thorough explanation of the various software programs currently available.

Additionally, the video touches on thought-provoking issues such as the ethical use of cryptography and its impact on the future of democracy. And while this investigation is brief, both pro and con arguments are given voice and would adequately serve to stimulate further class discussion.

Cybersecrecy appropriately uses, editing, music and sound effects, lighting, and animation to grab and maintain the viewer's attention. However, some of the campy re-enactments may not appeal to a more sophisticated audience. This British production takes a global approach to the issue of information security and thus is fitting for international distribution. …


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