Multicultural Teaching in the University

Article excerpt

Schoem, David, Frankel, Linda, Zuniga, Ximena, & Lewis, Edith A. (Eds.). (1995). Multicultural Teaching in the University. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. 376 pp. Paperback ISBN 0-275-95275-4, price $19.95.

In the author's words, the purpose of this text is to ". . . explore the meaning and practice of multicultural teaching" (p. 1). There has been a significant and purposeful move in recent years to direct the attention of university students and scholars toward the concept of diversity. In some cases, the term diversity has become overused and a trite code word for administrators and university personnel to become "politically correct." At other times, it would seem that lip service is paid to the vast differences that exist within and between our cultures by the teaching community. This text attempts to address that problem by suggesting a variety of strategies and techniques for implementing multicultural experiences in the classroom. The collection of readings includes 23 chapters written by authors coming from a wide variety of disciplines such as law, biology, sociology, education, and social work. This rather varied group of scholars has brought their unique perspectives to the chapters and provided a rich variety of insights and views.

The first content section of the book is a good one to feature. It is labeled "Courses on Intergroup Relations. …


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